Counter-strike spray request please (im a 4 year member at SRK)

this is sorta simple if u know how to make cs sprays. i just want it a blue background with a chronic leaf in the back and then “Team 661” on top of it.

just post a zip of a jpeg version and the .pdcal version please.

“(im a 4 year member at SRK)”


PSSSST…he’s still not famous.


People still use custom counter-strike sprays? pffftt i havent seen one since 1.3

:sad:no love for makoto


anyways, back on topic. please someone.

4 year? So what? Dude your making yourself look like you need love… Especially back then when you asked how to be popular on srk (Hahahahahahahah). Also Id also want a request plz. Just take my av and make it into a spray, but can it say B133TN3SS, thanx in advance.

LOL thats pretty funny…

ok, enough laughing at me, please can someone make the spray. i might pay if great.


Haha sev, Your av is fuckin fruity! Btw any news on gamegen being up yet? I really want a new av. But I can settle for the spray if anyone makes them.

gamegen will never be up.

Yeah it’ll never be up again. You know why? The second it’s up again, it’s bandwidth will be raped so hard, it’ll shut down again. It’ll be like last weekend of shopping for Xmas or Black Friday.



Damn, that’s sad that game gen will never be up.

Yea… So sad.

Why was this thread made again?

i loved game gen :sad:

just make teh sper aye!!

thats wut you think…

dun dun dun

I owned you in CS two summers ago.

Want to try again?