Counter hit confirm tips

Hi all,
I am recently trying to beef up my c-hit confirm game. Please tell me your thoughts on these setups. all advice appreciated. Thanks!


LK > 2LP > 2LP > 2MP

confirm into combos on c-hit:

LK > 2LP > 4MP > HK x Lspiral x exdp (corner)
LK > 2LP > 4MP > HK x exHooligan - kick x hdp (non-corner)
2LP > 2LP > Hspiral
2LP > 2MP > Hspiral

Hspiral oki: dash - LK

if entire block string is blocked you are at perfect distance for a +4 Mdivekick on normal hit:

Mdivekick > 4MP > HK x Lspiral x exdp

if divekick blocked: Mdivekick - LK - instant tick throw

I like using the 3 button string of stLK crLP crMP instead of the 4 button string stLK crLP stLP crMP.
I know, it has 1 less button which seems like 1 less oportunity to find a button and combo, but hear me out.

The last hit of that 4 button string is a crMP that hits so far it doesn’t let you link into anything but a HK DP most of the time. Meanwhile the confirms of the 2 prior buttons offer much less dmg. Let me compare the conversions of each string:

If the first button of the strings (stLK) hits counter hit its the same for both strings. As you can go stLK crLP TC on some chars - but instead of TC EX Dive DP when midscreen I strongly suggest you to go for TC EX Grab, it does 18 less dmg and 10 less stun, but the pressure that you have afterwards more than make up for it.

If the second button (crLP) hits counter hit you will combo into crMP on the 3 button string and into stLP on the 4 button. 3button string here has more damage and its way easier to confirm than crLP stLP (which alone isn’t that hard, but when you’re hitconfirming 3~4 different stuff at the same time it becomes tricky really fast).

If the third button hits counter hit (crMP for the 3button string and stLP for the 4b). The 3button again has the advantage since you can easily confirm the crMP into stHP, which is again… easier to confirm and way more damage than the stLP crMP.

Granted it doesn’t have a fourth button that beats 3f, but like I said, you can’t get that much off it anyway. So I’d rather use the string which first 3 buttons are easier to confirm and deal more dmg.
But if you want to, you can add another crMP at the end of that 3 button string, so it looks like this stLK crLP crMP crMP. It doesn’t beat mashed 3f but at that range they’re not that common - then you can hitconfirm it into HK DP all the same if you’re nutty.

hmmm definitely good ideas here, I think I can make my strat better, thanks!! one thing thats very important for me is to end up with a divekick setup if the entire string is blocked which I’m sure will be possible. The range for the divekicks individually is quite limited but if you know which strength you are going to use ahead of time the range opens up

I think hatz has a point here with the 3 button string being more optimal, but at the end of the day you have to mix those strings up regardless to keep your opponent guessing. I’ve been watching a lot of Kaz’s matches and he almost always mixes up the strings on every wake up to keep the opponent guessing when he can press a button. This allows him to stop strings short and dash in for more pressure, whereas the repetitive string would have gotten interrupted. The idea is to figure out what the opponent likes to do on their wake up, and use that info to beat that option or condition them to do what you want. While some block strings will be more optimal then others you will most likely need to do certain strings regardless, so you should be able to hit confirm from any of them.

can you link some vids? can i just youtube kaz cammy? thanks!
and ya i might alternate between the 3 and 4 button strings and other strings i can find
please post any string you think is useful

stLK crLP stMP stHP for 4f chars.
** stLK crLK stLP** is the good ol to catch people walking back.
stLK bMP to combo into TC against jabs that push you back too far for stLK crLP TC to work.
stLK crLP bMP to beat people that have the “block then backdash” or the “block then use meterless DPs” habit.
stLK stHK to blow up people that are late teching.

Others commons form of offense are stMP walk stMP forever until you counterhitconfirm into crHP VTC fHK or stHP xx whatever you want and obviously tick throws that I didn’t list since you can stop at pretty much any button and go for the grab.