Could This Be A Cover Piece?

This one is for udoneko. Would this be good enough to be in your comic before i give up? been doing fanart for a crazy long time and would like a professionals opinion. thanks!

if ou drew that your an excelent artist. I think it should be used as a cover if guy ever appears in the comic

SFMC, I know my opinion isn’t the one you’re looking for and if you don’t mind words from a newbie…

But if you are still passionate about what you do, here’s my advice - NEVER give up. This piece is fantastic and I’ve seen some of your work on the art forums…it’s pretty clear you know your stuff, and more importantly you like what you do. That’s all that matters. You work hard to get yourself noticed and it will pay off for you, as long as you…Don’t. Give. Up.

udoneko, if you’re reading this…this guy gets my vote. I’m sure many others in these forums would say the same.

Dam man he gets my vote too. i’d say he is as good as any of the artist you have now. not saying udoneko should give him a cover but i would love to see a couple of pages from this dude.

i rated your thread 5 stars =)

Enter it in that fanart contest in Issue 2, get some good prizes. Judging from that art, you’ll be good to go…

Where did you find that pic?

Also, there’s no way that’s a cover. Looks more like a scene.

Being big on comics myself I don’t think that’ll be a cover.

I love it. I would love to see more. If you can color your stuff yourself then your miles ahead of a ton of professional artists, but seem to lack some experience pros have.

A title would tear that drawing up. There is room for the Image imprint and for that bar code thingy, but not the title of the book.

I understand the dynamic of the two of them being so high on the page as the reader’s focus forces them to look up adding to the grandure of the image but I don’t think it works as a practical cover.

Enter the fan art competition. You seem like a shoe-in. I’d really like to see you tackle some paneling work.

oh man that owns so bad.
i’ve become a huge fan of SFMC.

Ah thanks for the feedback guys. This started off as just a fanart picture so therefore I left zero room the title which I was aware of. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, this image is a panel in a fight sequence so it’s pretty obvious. I will be posting cover type pinups very soon.

he drew it dude

I think that eventually if Udon gets enough fanart from both amateurs (those who don’t get paid to draw) and professionals draw enough fanart, whether or not it makes the book, an artbook should be published and this pic should be in it.

BTW, if Sagat ever fights Guy, this would make an excellent cover!


Man thats one of the best dam saget drawings i’ve seen! Awesome pic! Udoneko you want to sell comics? get this guy working for you, he has lots of fans here.

SFMC, that piece is beautiful. I don’t post in the fan art forum, but I do lurk from time to time and have always appreciated your work. I do hope that you send some of it to Udon. Best of luck!


thats a good point.

That kicks ass!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Now thats a way to take it up a knotch;) :cool:

** Wow.**

high five

That’s jerk-worthy perspective right there

Very nice.

Superb work SFMC, absolutely phenomenal. The perspective you chose is just excellent.


HOLY SH!T ! ! !
SPEECHLESS ! ! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Gots skills…this would be great for a cover.