Could someone help me figure this out?

I don’t know why, but sometimes when I make a new avatar and load it up, I get some kind of messy obstruction coming from nowhere. Like this blue streak I got in the BG for this one. It isn’t there when I open it on Paint and Photoshop, but somehow, it always appears when it’s on SRK. The last one I had got a bunch of white streaks in the text, which made my name hard to read.

Any ideas why that is?

Maybe it’s a transparency problem. I changed my forum color scheme to green, and it has a faint gray streak instead of the blue one.

That’s all I can think of.

Oh wow. I did the same thing just now, and it’s barely noticable. Thnx.

I still prefer the blue color scheme, though. :bluu:

That’s understandable. Is there any way you can edit the pic? Perhaps turn that transparency into an opaque area? I’m not that good at photoshop or anything like that, so I can’t help you there.

Well, the streak was a lot bigger the first time I uploaded it because I used only one layer for the background. I basically reduced its size by adding multiple layers of the same background and overlaying them. I couldn’t do much else because I didn’t want the airbrushing to look too dark on one side and too bright on the other.

My previous avatar had the exact same bg, but I didn’t experience the problem with that one for some reason. The one that I edited it from (w/ less sprites), though, had the messed up text on it.