Could I have an avatar please?

Hi, as you know people started calling me The PASSION. I since it’s one of my other names now, I figured I might as well get an avatar that says it on there. Basically, I would like an avatar with the symbol from the passion of the christ movie. Just make an avatar saying “THE PASSION”. I’m not sure how it should look, but you guys make awsome avatars so just make it look cool as you can make it. You can add animation if you like.

Thank you very much.

hmmm …where is the picture i post it …?
you want that D.hyo picture ??

up to you if you wanna use, sorry about the non capital “h-e” forgot about that. hope someone else tries this.

Hmm, looks ok but I can barely see hyo. It looks cool still. Hey, “”, check your pm box.

P.S. I had to delete the old thread because someone posted this horrible pic from this website and it was just simply disturbing. I think that dude was gay or something. HAHAHA!

nothing is in my pm box right now

Oops, I actually meant to say My bad.

if i were u i wouldnt worry about wut the stock looked like…

note: this was made as a joke for hyo, and yet i actually read the request and it was somewut wut you wanted -_-

LOL! At first I wanted the symbol, but then I realized that there was none. So I just asked for a pick of demon hyo from rival schools. Funny AV though. Can u make me a real one? All of you are good AV makes I assume, so as long as one of you do it I don’t care.

well im a scrubby tagger, just ask anyone… so… ;[

can you supply a pic of demon hyo?

D.hyo …

your avatar is pretty cool , but is pretty dim though …

edit : i read the PM …
i’m no avatar maker , i donno how to make , but i give some better pics , so mostty all i do was seraching for resources and make them into an avatar …

and yes , some retarded fool posted disturbing shitty image …

edit2 : alright avatar makers here’s the real demon hyo

P.S : demon hyo’s real name is Mugen imawano , is just a hyo’s belated dad possessed on hyo’s body , and mugen stands for illusion … awesome villain …

if you read his profile in snowstorm’s RS-web , he is much cooler than any ninjas around the world and any villain

Can anyone make a different AV then? If not it’s cool.

ey asiandemon, another image for you to work with

sorry i would have done more but 20k is still to small for me