Couchsurfing the FGC

Hello everyone,
I have this idea for quite some time now and I am wondering if we can make something huge out of it.
Maybe some of you know the website The purpose of this website is basically to sleep at someone’s house for free.
So if you want to visit a city you can do that pretty cheap.
Now of course you would hang out with your host a little bit and get to know his culture and stuff like that right, which is pretty cool but wait a minute, how cool would it actually be if your host is a member of the FGC, in his country? With his own local community in his back, only waiting to duke it out with you?
There are two things I like about the FGC, one being the games itself and two the community behind it. These games are made to be played offline, these games are made to get to know new people and communicate!
So let’s do this. I am now on vacation and looking for a host. You can take my search as a template if you want to.

Looking for a place or hosting a place? looking for a place

When? 16th - 18th of August 2013 (doesnt necessarily have to be for the full time)

Games? KOF13, GGXXAC+R, AE and oldschool shit, I like all of them only game I don’t play is marvel

Age: 27

Experience: Playing all kinds of fighting games since 2009 , very active in my local community.

Where preferably? Europe. There should defintely be a local community to hang out with. London near HOG or Paris would be awesome.

Host in exchange is possible. I would show you the German FGC.

Sounds like a way to let lazy jobless assholes to mooch of off people who actually have shit to do.

kinda like fighting game tournaments lol