Costumes you wish were in SF4 but weren't put in

I personally have NO artistic skills but I figure this could be used for inspiration for some modders out there to create some cool stuff for the PC version. Plus it is just fun to imagine some of the more awesome stuff that could have been in SF but haven’t yet (or never will be) put in.

Here is a list for me:
Makoto as Jin
C. Viper as Captain Commando (I saw a pic of Guile as CapCom but come on Viper is so obviously inspired by CapCom in terms of play style, right down to the electric fists and flame shoes (and wearing sunglasses.))
Guy as Strider Hiryu (this wasn’t my idea, some created some AMAZING art that had this as one possible alt costume idea. )
Oni as “The Great Oni”
Rose as Rouge
Ibuki as Kaede
And lastly Rufus as The Beverly Hills Ninja:

So what about you guys? Any dream costumes? (besides nude skin for blanka, we all want that. o_O)

Bandage shirt Makoto, now and forever will be my number one wanted costume. I would buy it seventeen times.

O Def that would rock.

Also Viewtiful Joe Makoto >.>

Vega desperately needs this as a an alt costume

make it happen capcom

Red Dwarf was awesome.

Dunno why everybody wants street fighter characters to cosplay as other characters… I wouldn’t mind if they came up with their own original costumes.

THe sports bra and short shorts makoto is wearing in my profile pic. For makoto of course. or a hakama for her. and for cammy a costume where she wears a legitimate pair of PANTS. And for Chun-li a nurses outfit.

Chun-Li policewoman costume. It’s amazing that they chose the genie-ish Alt 2 over that.

THat would be pretty weird. I mean after all when was the last time you ever saw a policewoman wearing a police uniform?:rolleyes:


Ryu with mountain man beard and battle scars.
A Tyler Durden-esque costume for Cody, definitely something with the trademark leather jacket. I don’t even like Fight Club that much, but it would be perfect.

Cody needs his original Final Fight 1 costume. No idea why they didn’t do that one.

Replace Bison’s homoerotic alt with a military outfit and a green beret hat
Replace Evil Ryu with this super saiyan mod lol

Trap Abel.

You want Abel to be wearing Poison’s outfit? :smiley:

They def needed to add this one, there is a PC version mod that does an amazing job of it.

How is that version of Cody NOT in SF4?

No clue, maybe they were worried we wouldn’t recognize him without the handcuffs(despite them not being part of his “original” outfit)? Or that the Alt 1 with his tanktop and tattoos (what the costume I posted is a mod off) were “close enough”?

Also about your “hobo Ryu” I think it would be pretty awesome if SF5 took place around 2010 or so with a whole new cast(maybe returning some of the younger chars like Sakura/Ibuki/Sean/Makoto) and having Ryu make an unplayable appearance as scraggly bearded Ryu. But that is for another topic entirely :wink:

Cammy in a cat outfit, and Hakan in a fez.

Wait, they already have those? My life is complete.

I’d like to see:

“Emo Ryu” (he still doesn’t have what it takes, he must train harder)
“Broski Ken” (Popped pink collar. calls everyone bro)
“Down on his Luck” Mike Ty… I mean Balrog

Every single costume from Juri’s concept designs. It’s amazing how I like them all better than the design they went with.

I want EVERYONE to have a mecha alternate.