Cosmic Heel to Splendid Claw (Grounded Opponent)

Anyone else having trouble while doing this?!!
Trag13 said u dont have to pre buffer a charge its possible to do a neutral Cosmic Heel and do this!
I know you have to be at maximum distance for it 2 work! I’ve gotten able 2 pull off his Splendid claw before they hit the ground but their still not high enough! Any1 else got this down?

keep practicing. I duno yet if it’s worth the time, if you mess up the timing by a frame or so you wasted your ultra. I’d rather save it for defense as our only “reversal” move against jumpers and wakeup pressure.

I wish capcom would be generous enough to give EX Scarlet Terror more invincible frames T.T

Good luck landing that in an actual match. Your opponents going to jump at your more than sit there being a sitting duck like that.
Better off waiting until they screw up (like whiff an ultra or a high recovery move) or as a desperate wakeup especially if you’re cornered. It’ll take you out of the corner at least.

I can’t get my head around the input for this move(I’m talking about the vanilla input, not the combo)…I feel like a total tard. Last night I tried it against a T. Hawk did the KKK flip and got an Ultra in the face, lost the match and went on a 3 match losing streak. I’m just not used to a viable Ultra, I suppose, I’ve actually reverted to Sky High Claw.

As I said, lame…

I get it about 20% of the time… the timing is quite strict and the ultra doesn’t always come out…

Not viable in a match though, unless it’s AA…

Some guy did it on me T.T… I was akuma in a footies battle with him he was goign back and forth then at at the last second he got with me :frowning:

there is no way to hit this reliably in a match… safe it for when your in a pinch… just use (ex)ST, ex fba or some mix up after cosmic heel.

I take it nobody’s found a way to combo into Splendid Claw? ;[


I was pretty angry that Hoy’s ultra didn’t connect in the last round.

Thank you for posting that. I love watching Ageny Hoy’s Vega.

While I prefer to use it as a punish or AA, if you really need to combo into Splendid Claw, use j.RH to combo into it. Seems easier than comboing it off CH.

In that match, Agent Hoy is obviously good with Vega but man, he walldives sooo much…that shit should get you owned vs a Balrog that knows the matchup well. And why didn’t that SC connect at the end? Didn’t look like a safejump from Rog, hmmm.

thats soo true DEUY , obviously that BALROG aint no the matchup too well.

Agent Hoy has a pretty good VEGA … hmm i wonder who will win ( Agent Hoy ) Vs ( Da Assassin jaY ) ???

place yur vote now !!

Hi Asasin Jay, I’m pretty sure he’ll play you if you ask him…

He’s on XBL.

I regularly meet someone who is big on the UK scene(Chunkis, he’s part of Ryan hart’s 3 vs 3 team) and he could probably arrange it for you…

I gotta root for my EC homies cheaaa lol

IM DOMINICAN so u kno were kinda slow in the head lmao0 , so umm what does (EC) mean ?!?

lmfa0o :rofl: !!


lol Agent Hoy’s reliance on wall dive reminds me of my playstyle. I’ve gotten better about staying on the ground where vega is strongest. Though, I can’t resist to bust out an izuna every now and then. :slight_smile:

lmfao0 damnn im madd i aint figure that out !!!

i put my money on assasin jay.

Me too…