Corner Trapping With ReMy

I really needed help with how to constantly pressure your oppenent with Lov mixups or differnt patterns, or even when would be good to throw or CBK while there in the corner. What I do or know so far is throw rapid fire lov’s from three characters length away and occasionally throw out standing MP to catch them if they try to jump away…but then I thought to my self that HP Lov would hit them anyway if they tried to jump…so whats the point of throwing out a MP. So in hope I posted this thread to see what you advid ReMy players have to say.

i’m a pretty n00by remy user but, i just do a simple walk forward lk and repeat and if they get smart and start blocking mix it up with a kara or not uoh and if they try and grab you after the uoh just dash back and cbk or somthing.

someone should tell “ME” if this is a good corner trap technique or not i don’t know.

smaller characters -> make sure you’re in a distance where you can hit them but they can’t hit you unless you push buttons at the same time. but LOVs solves this problem so, there you go. pull out random shits alot to keep them there. dash ins>throws>SA1 are good. high LOVs followed by forward MK against turtles. then mix things up like UUH, standing MK/MP>hit confirm>SA, crouching LK, and even plain walking>grab. DON’T THROW HIGH LOVs FROM THIS DISTANCE AGAINST MAKOTO. she can simply dash through it. charge partition a FK after standing MPs if needed. good against yuns and yangs.

bigger characters (can be hit by high LOVs even when crouching) mix high and low LOVs. standing MKs followed by normal or EX LOVs are my bread and butter and also dash ins grab into FK or SA1. do rapid fire booms if you see an opportunity. you have to do all these real fast and uh… really random

but then again i play from a very different scene. i don’t know if i can do shit angainst people here. so please, anyone from L.A. help a moron out

To bad everdred isn’t posting, I’d like to hear what he has to say…

Everdred reliance, heh.


A string of attacks. They’ll be in the corner, I will cr.lp, cr. mp, then walk forward throw. Or cr. lk, UOH. Throwing out a LOV and hitting them with st. mp or st. mk works really well too.

Not so safe:

If they’re dealing with a LOV, jump in with HP, they’ll block, you throw. A variable on that, jump in HP, tap down, throw. Cr. lp, cr. lp, wait a sec, EX RRF if you see any limb fly out. Cr. lk, wait a sec, cr. HP.

If they ever jump, st. mp, or meet them in the air with HP or MK.

i’m not special its just the grass

nah but its like… ummm besst time to do rapid fire has to happen at a whim really…

u cant do rapid fire most of the time if they r in x position because that’s when they would be most ready for it unless u changed the throw into a low instead of a high or vice versa to make them eat it.

just need to be able to store charge the whole time and have a lov out where u can throw another or dash to reposition to cbk/lov/throw/hit

another thing u also have to train yourself on is the charge motion buffers, if i throw a lov and then dash after it and low strong. if they parry the low strong i’m screwed…

but now what i do is practice doing the charge motion from the first lov thrown then do low strong buffered into lov… if the strong hits it automatically cancels into lov. if it doesnt hit u get a nice zoning crouching strong that they can walk into followed by a buffered lov.

once u’ve stored stored charge from lov’s long enough u can start breaking it apart by having the final charge be the normal u buffer the move into.

so now if u charge half of an lov during a dash and then continue the charge from crouching strong u should have enough to cancel into lov.

crouching strong is a good poke, but imagine if every crouching strong u threw had a ex lov after it? learn to add up charges so u can get as many crouching strongs into lovs as possible. it reminds of vega claw in a way.(i dont know much about sf2 but i know vega cr strong was good because of its mad range and speed) without his claw it doesnt contend with the range the claw gave.

same thing for remy. instead of a claw u get lov’s that u manually have to attach on to so many half decent to good pokes. this adds alot of good damage and zoning to his game.

after u buffered from crouching strong into a lov perfect charge the next lov to fire while u know they’ll be there to catch it. this is one way to start up a legit rapid fire sequence that they’ll atleast have to pause and parry to defend(if they do something else they get hit making it “legit”).

lov if they block then stand HP (far)

EX lov dash throw

so yeah, corner trapping…

ive engrained into just about every single person’s head at my arcade that if they get stuck in the corner they WILL, at some point, receive a neutral throw into RRF…thats a given…or is it.

sooooooooo, when that special time comes around every now and again, i like to make things interesting and NOT neutral throw into RRF after dashing in in order to maintain the fear of that situation.

corner trapping is all about applying pressure in the right places at the right time with the right moves…but in my case that pressure is centered around a very annoying 4 hit combo.

you guys should post your x-box account names so’s we can play sometime… i use remy too!!

My name is already there…its oOoRagEoOo

X box O and offline are 2 diferents world apart. Anyway good things to do with lov presure in the corner is mix trow a hi or low lov dash grab or do UOH in both case u can land a super after it in the UOH depends distance. If u see ur oponent is crazy has hell to get out of that corner do an anti air after a lov or jump with HP in the last case u can do a RRF HK or cbk lk or mk and follow it up with another one or a RRF HK.

i like to turn it into a minigame.

minigames are fun.
remy is all about having fun.
therefore remy is all about minigames.

see? logic wins every time.

LoL True so very True

I think there should be alot more posts than this in here. So i’ll add another of my crappy Remy corner traps. lol
This really is a shitty tatic and is nothing special but it seems to work well. First you must Score a KD (knockdown) in the corner immediately “AFTER” the opponent has blocked a Lov and then when the opponent is getting up hit them with a Meaty High or Low Lov, low is easier to time. Then dash forward and do a or into a kara throw, make sure its the neutral so you can RRF after it. When you land you should be a little more than a characters length away. Walk forward “HALF a step” then throw another meaty Lov and this time afer it do a Instant RRF with Forward. If you time it right and the meaty lov connects so will the RRF for a combo and plus you will get a knockdown.If they block the Lov I usually find that they let go of block to grab,uppercut or jump away.If they do any of those they will be kissin your boots. In no way is this a foolproof plan, it is rather risky but worth a try.

lets just say that if your dumb ass gets trapped in the corner when i use remy its over. sorry folks but thats how it is. goddamnit, thats the way it should be with all yall remy players out there! make them fear the corner no matter what!!! not only that, but being trapped in the corner with remy is no big deal either, even against aggressive chuns, kens, uriens, yuns, dudleys. make them piss theyself at the thought of being at the mercy of boomerang man.

when youre in the corner you’re likely charging or blocking, both of which lead one to believe that youre either open to a dash in throw, preparing for a rrf, or possibly a scrubby wakeup throw (LOVs are not advicable when trapped in the corner, unless comboed, given their animation lag).

therein lies your adantage. knowing what you are capable of and knowing what one knows youre capable of. meaning, it is entirely within your discretion whether to rrf, block, parry, dashin throw, or poke something out. really, its about freedom to follow your instincts, and thats what makes playing with remy fun.

When i get someone in the corner then my mind game ability… I am used to do:
crouch… lk, lk, lk, lk (as far as all lks are blocked and there is one, that hit then…) Flash kick :smiley:
i get to the opponent the same way and i do UOH, d+lk, Flash kick nice 3 hit combo
After some mind game stuff when opponent some how is pushing me out i usually just throw one LOV(usually EX KK) and follow it with HK CBK. sometimes opponent gets LOV and then CBK as a combo, sometimes he block all of it… but after CBK HK i am quite safe.

oh… we can also allways do lk CBK when opponent stands up and attack him from the back, when opponent get on with the block… just throw him back to the corner.

my version of corner trapping is a series of crouching mp and crouching/standing mk pokes that doesn’t directly hit opponents plus an occassional sonic booms and dashes into throws. i try not to hit my opponent directly as i would rather hit them while moving/dashing in hence eliminating the possibility of getting parried. if you see them jump, flash kick right away before they even get half a character high.

I’d rather use Lk ok Lp instead of mp, cus i got hit couple times becouse of moves priority, so I am using a light version of punches and kicks cus they had greater priority and it’s more annoying for your opponent.

LoL I tryed what you said in multiple fights and its funny how something so simple can be yet so effective :clap: Thanx for da tips