Corner Rekka Loop

Not sure if someone’s done this already. If so, you can delete this. Anyway, what I’ve done is created a list that shows what characters get hit or fall out of the Rekka Loop in the corner. What I’m referring to is this:

EX Rekka x5 > LP/MP/HP Rekka x3

This gives you a hard knockdown for whatever shenanigans you can come up with and is stronger than simply going for a sweep. I’d assume you’d get more meter for it as well, so there’s really no reason not to go for it if it works.

I’ve tested this loop on every character in the game (I think :s ) and set the training dummy to crouch. I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed anything and my information is accurate, but if you do find a discrepancy, let me know. Yes means the loop works, no means it doesn’t.


Decapre - Yes
Ryu - Yes
Ken - Yes
E.Honda - Yes, but EX Rekka doesn’t combo on a crouching Honda when using cr.LP or cr.LK up close, but it WILL work if you’re farther away. Also, EX Rekka can whiff on crouching Honda when using cr.MK or cl.MK. EX Rekka will whiff after cl.HP.
Ibuki - Yes
Makoto - Yes
Dudley - Yes
Seth - Yes
Gouken - Yes
Akuma - Yes
Gen - Yes
Dan - Yes
Sakura - Yes
Oni - Yes
Elena - Yes
Yun - Yes
Juri - Yes
Chun-Li - Yes, but c.HP to ALL Rekkas (including EX) whiffs on crouching Chun when canceled from c.HP.
Dhalsim - No. Second hit seems to float him too high for the third to connect and I wasn’t able to get it to work with any speed of Rekkas.
Abel - Yes
C. Viper - Yes
Dictator - Yes
Sagat - Yes
Cammy - Yes
Dee Jay - Yes
Cody - Yes
Guy - Yes
Hakan - Yes
Rolento - Yes
Poison - Yes, but you have to delay the timing slightly for all the rekkas to hit.
Evil Ryu - Yes
Guile - Yes
Blanka - Surprisingly, yes! Not that it makes the matchup any less of a pain… :’(
Zangeif - Yes
Rufus - Yes
El Fuerte - Yes
Claw - Yes
Boxer - No. Same deal as Dhalsim apparently.
Fei Long - Yes
T. Hawk - Yes
Adon - Yes
Rose - Yes, but ALL Rekkas (including EX) whiff on crouching Rose when canceled from c.HP.
Yang - Yes
Hugo - Yes. Camera gets kinda weird because he’s so big, but it’s more funny than actually affecting anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you add video?

are you trolling? this post is a year old.

just hit someone with ex rekka, when she kicks them up hit them with an HP rekka after.

some characters the second set of rekkas will whiff so you need to wait a frame to start the second set of rekkas.