Corner Hard-Tag tech: Getting the most damage out of your Nova-Doom/Nova-Strange Shell

Okay, so I never see anyone using this, so it’s time someone made a thread. I don’t play strange, so this is restricted to Nova-Doom, but it should work similarly with Strange (using Faulteen loops). This is supposedly not new tech, but it’s so much more damage (with my Nova-Doom-Vergil team, I can kill thor starting with one bar and break a million while building an entire extra meter) that basically everyone not running spencer for the hard tag NEEDS to learn it.

The basic form of this combo can be found at around 1:37 of this video:


:l::m::h::s: sJ. (slight delay) j.H xx :qcb::m: ADDj.:h: :a1: (raw tag doom)
cr. :l: 6 :h: s.J :m: 6 :h::s: ADDF :h::s: s.J :m::m: 6 :h::s: ADDF -> ender

This ender could be your standard nova assist ender:

:a1: j.:qcf::m: (land) :qcf::h: xx :qcb::atk::atk: (builds slightly less bar but does considerably more damage than the version with the air super)

Note that while this version is not possible on the whole cast and is a bit harder, I find it a lot easier to get the right spacing if you do this with nova at the start instead:

:l::m::h: xx fly j.:h: xx unfly glitch j.:h: :h::s:
Or alternatively, because you’ll very often be landing hits with cr.:m: :
cr.:m::h: xx fly j.:l::h: xx unfly glitch j.:h: :h::s:
The main thing being that you land the j.H unfly j.H link. In my experience this makes the timing on the wallbounce a lot easier.

Some notes for individual chars:

[details=Spoiler]Nemesis - Couldn’t get it. Too big. Should at least in theory be possible.
Firebrand - Tight. sj.H->Wallbounce has to be very fast. Could not get fly unfly combo on ground.
Strider - Tricky. Do it a little on the fast side. Careful on the fly-unfly combo.
Phoenix Wright - Tricky. As Strider.
Nova - Easy. Delay the superjump by just a few frames to get it. This is to be considered the “Standard”, as it works for around half the cast with exactly the same timing and spacing.
Ghost Rider - Standard.
Hawkeye - Standard.
Dr. Strange - Not worth it. Obnoxious, but possible. Long delay between the jump and the launcher. IMO not something you can get consistently; he bounces off the wall a little further than others for some reason.
Chris - Standard.
Arthur - Couldn’t get it. Too small, couldn’t get the ADDH to connect.
Frank West - Standard
Vergil - Standard
Iron Fist - Standard
Rocket Raccoon - Impossible. See: Arthur
Captain America - Standard
Dormammu - Tricky. Maybe delay a liiiittle more. Really not much at all though.
Wesker - Standard.
Zero - Obnoxious. Timing is pretty tight - not too early, not too late. Trend on the early side.
Ryu - Standard
Dante - Standard
Deadpool - Standard
Wolverine - PITA. Theoretically possible, but after five minutes I just said “Fuck it” and moved on. You have to delay the super jump after the launch substantially, AND delay the ADDH.
Iron Man - Tricky. Just somewhat tight timing of the standard.
Dr. Doom - Tricky. Delay the first sj.H slightly (not the super jump, just the H).
Morrigan - Tricky. Tight, plus the fly-unfly doesn’t work. But definitely not hard.
Tron - Standard. (WTF?! Actually on the easy side.)
Chun Li - Standard
Trish - Standard
X-23 - Tricky. Tight.
Storm - Obnoxious. See also: Strange. Stupid wallbounce specifics. -.-
Thor - Standard
MODOK - PITA. Dunno if it works, not gonna spend a long time finding out when I won’t be consistent anyways
Felicia - Obnoxious. See also: Strange
Spencer - Standard
Akuma - Standard
Viewtiful Joe - Too Small.
Spider-Man - Tricky. Careful with the fly-unfly combos
Sentinel - PITA. See: Nemesis.
Hulk - Tricky. See: Doom
Skrull - Standard
Hsien-Ko - Standard
Haggar - Standard
C. Viper - Standard
Amaterasu - Tricky. See: Strider (WTFF?!)
Phoenix - Standard (not that it matters lol)
Magneto - PITA: I don’t know why I can’t get this one. It seems like I’m just a frame short on the cr.L with doom. Everything looks like it SHOULD work… But doesn’t. Huh. Someone else, give this a shot. This one SHOULD work. Use 5L instead of 2L?
She-Hulk - Hard. Feel like I might be fatiguing a little. Use 5L instead of 2L. Still works though. Should be doable.
Taskmaster - Standard. Yep, fatiguing.
Shuma-Gorath - No. Just… No.
Jill - Standard


This combo takes some getting used to, and it’s limited in its application - you have to land a clean hit against a grounded opponent close to the corner. However, in those situations, it moves your damage output from “Just barely breaking a million with two bars” to “OHKOing every character in the game”. If you’re running Nova/Doom/NotSpencer or Nova/Strange/NotSpencer (although let’s be honest, only crazy people run Nova/Strange/NotSpencer), you owe it to yourself to learn this combo. It’s good, and really not as hard as it looks. Once you get used to the timing, it is very consistent.

Excellent write up dude. I’ll be practicing the combo myself. I remember when I labbed it a while ago, I tried it on Doom since that’s who I normally practice combos on. Makes sense that it was more difficult on him. Unfortunately, another thing I noticed is if you hit them with an assist like plasma beam, the hardkick will whiff. Which is really sad. :confused:

Yeah, if they’re airborn basically at any time before the launcher, the hitstun scaling kicks in. I have no clue why - the version off the plasma beam doesn’t take nearly as long as the version with the fly-unfly combo, but meh, that’s what you get.

As for actually learning it, my advice is to start with someone really easy - Spencer’s probably the best place to start - and get that combo down. Then, take a mental note each time you miss, noting how high each element was, and use that to adapt to other characters; i.e. “Okay, he hit the ground too fast/I missed with the tag, so I have to be slower/faster”.

Also, here’s a fun one: this works from something like 3/5ths screen. You can’t quite get it from center screen, but it’s pretty impressive how far away it’ll work. :smiley:

Hitstun is accelerated when the opponent is in a juggled state (basically off the ground). That’s probably what’s messing you up.

This is a big reason that when you’re doing hard tag combos, in real matches, you wanna keep it as simple as possible unless you get a perfect confirm. Hitstun can even be different depending on the combo (I just think moves like Nova Slam heavily increase HSD), despite the time it takes being roughly the same, or even less for the higher-HSD combo.

Basically raw tag combos are occasionally a real pain in the ass. :confused: