Copyright Laws: How can I print any art for my stick?

I mean, I can appreciate the abstract, but every design I would really like involves a character or at least a logo of some sort.

Here’s the situation: I’m a student at points at avatar, and we have no print shops (FedEx/Kinkos included) in the area save the CopyCat local one located in Auburn university.

The guy there said that he might have a printing method that they normally use for nametags to put on a plastic backer that could mimic the Lamilabel product, but they cannot print anything. at. all. thanks to copyright law.

He’s wise to cartoon characters, can’t print them. Video games, same deal. Even the Auburn logo is off limits, in case I wanted a design with school spirit.

I’m thinking of giving up and just getting a plain white one and adorning my stick with stickers… no but really, how would you all get around this? Isn’t there such a thing as the Fair Use Doctrine for graphics? I’m not ever planning on selling this, it’s just a lowly single SE stick that I want to pimp out for my own use.

Custom Control Panel.
Control Panel Custom Design

Any images of what those look like when completed?

my stick

are those RG’s?

if they are, stay gdlk rtdzgin

Yes. Those are OBSC-30-RGs. I wish I bought more of them when I had the chance.


thats pretty sick dude

In the US, legally, you can’t. Under the fair use doctrine, you can legally reproduce a copyrighted work in part for the purpose of news, teaching, critique, research, maybe a few other bits that are unimportant here. You can also create a derivative work for parody (though not satire). None of these apply to stick art.

Furthermore, any use as stick art could fail the fair use test because it modifies the potential market for the character. Capcom and Marvel already license their characters for stick art – you’d be messing with their business there. (Technically.)

Obviously, I don’t think this is how it should be but them’s the breaks.

You are, however, a student. Find the art department. Befriend students. Use them for access to the good printers. (Or find another department with good printers. The CS department at my grad school had access to the good printers for poster presentations at conferences.)

WTF, you just want to print artwork for your stick?

So it pretty much comes out like the original panel for a TE or something like that? Awesome. Thanks for the image.

The TE the artwork is fused to a rigid sheet of polycarbonate plastic. It is very expensive to do if you don’t do at the minimum of 500. The printing used for Gameongrafix is closer to what is found stock on a Hori EX2, Fighting Stick 3 or Fighting Stick Wii. It is a flexible polycarbonate adhesive adhesive backed sheet.

I see. How do they line up the button holes and everything? I have Art’s template, but I don’t know if that works for them. Also, how vibrant are the colors when printed? I want to use something with a lot of red and blue. Thanks and sorry about turning you into the spokesperson.