Copying BP/PP Glitch

So basically I came across a way to copy my PP and all my BP onto my other accounts. This means if other people figure out how to do it then they could boost off their copied accounts and gain insane PP and BP, worse then what people did in Super. This makes ranked matches a complete joke. Please fix this capcom.

important message is inside this thread.

Shouldnt you try the capcom unity forums?

if you don’t cheat with it its actually usefull to know how to do it…
for example i play on ps3 where you can’t change your gamertag.
i wanted to change my gamertag but didn’t 'cause i didn’t want to lose all the points i had on the account and the characters.
knowing how to do it, i could change the gamertag without losing anything…
but then, ofc there are boosters…
p.s. ranked matches have always been a joke

I’m not going to tell anyone how to do it. How do I get in contact with capcom?