Cops Order Man Surrender Phone At Gunpoint for filming them shooting a suspect

…for filming them shoot a suspect:

Doesn’t say if anybody is black, so I hope THAT argument doesn’t start again

Smart Cops, stupid Bystanders. Other than that, dumb thread and minus points on trying to get the 2011 sexual deviant award. But who knows, people get off on some weird shit now days.

fuck the police

Lol who are they letting on the force these days be pulling this shit?

yay, i like when people are wrong and then follow up with shit that has nothing to do with the thread. Cops were wrong and you know it.

and Negative, apparantly lots of uneducated white trash





that was smart of him to stash the sim card.

They were wrong but smart about it. They should have shot him and said the phone was a gun!

How did they fall that?? Jack Bauer would have just gutted him

video of the event:

Would have been smarter if he had stashed his memory card, since sim cards don’t store recorded video. But at least he can pop his old sim card into a new phone and not have to worry about activation.

If only there was video of this guy taking the video and getting his phone smashed.

That would have probably happened in Seattle.

I’m torn on this, I get the concept of not recording cops as to avoid exposing under covers, yet at the same time it doesn’t make logical sense in other cases and is prone to abuse.

it should be legal to film cops. Especially considering how crooked many of them are. Imagine the Rodney King incident if they had no right to film the cops.

All they have to do is do their fucking job, and shut the hell up. Pointing their guns at an UNARMED citizen, doing nothing illegal, should cost them their fucking badges

that’s a crazy vid.

That works up till you film an undercover officer, which is why these laws exist. I agree it should be fixed, but I don’t think you should have the blanket right to film an officer of the law, because that makes some jobs impossible. And you shouldn’t be able to film IA because they are actively trying to bust cops, if you catch any of these people on film, the job is impossible.

Granted it’s abused, but that’s due to the Police Union, and like all unions it’s a bad thing.

You’re talking one specific issue and removing all nuance as to the problem. And this needs some.

I’m 100% with Sov3it, on this one.

100% transparency.

In a free society, this shoud be a given.

Anything else is bullshit, and you know it acerbic.

Are you honestly trying to equivocate a goddamned street shooting by badge toting gangsters with undercover policework?

Don’t derail this tread with such blatant retardation.


Fuck Wally all day, I rather deal with a thousand prick, by the book pigs than even one their stinking asses.