Cop tazers, then pulls a Toxic avenger on some kid on a bike

If you haven’t seen the first Toxic avenger go check it out, its hilarious.

Not sure if there was any head crushing but this video below clearly shows the kid getting ran over, it’s not graphic but if you use your imagination.


I love how people are saying that the taser was the problem, not just that the cop was a moron.

But not surprisingly, the cop gets away with it. Police Unions at work, ladies and gentlemen.

Yeah, you would think that they would be more concerned with the fact that he was killed by being runover with a car.

The cop would’ve deserved a promotion if he just stuck his club into his spokes.

Or opened the door and slapped the mofo off. That would’ve been funny as hell.

…are you fucking serious?

surprised he didn’t sprinkle some crack on him for good measure. how do you justify driving on the curb chasing a kid on a bike for what would’ve amounted to trespassing? and then possibly (likely?) planting a gun on him…fucking christ.

The judge is a bonehead. Of course the officer did nothing wrong he was just chasing a nigga who he probably assumed was a 2 time loser running away from a 3rd strike. :rolleyes:

Those cops knew they were overreacting as usual. You see a black kid on a bike at night and he must be up to no good. Fine tazer him, run him over and kill him cause you know you want to but plant a gun on him? Come on, adding insult to death. But according to the judge, no crime was committed by the cops.

Pensacola is dumb. Tazors are the best thing ever. They are the single most effect tool while still having the least possibility of long term harming somenone.

Sure they can hurt someone, but they are designed to neutralize, not to harm. PLus if things do go wrong, the Tazor is blammed, not the officer. So it is much safer/ smarter for the officer. Imagine if the officer just shot him or beat him with a club. Would they then just review Clubbing policy? lol no

How else was this cop suppose to neutralize this guy? Shoot em? Ram into him? Let him go free?

too bad he got ran over though.

He would have been alive had he not run away…


Nowadays police scare me because of their stupidity. Dashboard camera on a police car is great for evidence of what going on during a situation but it is limited. If I have it my way a small camera would be strap to each police officer so if shady situation go down we the public can see what really happen up front.

That would constitute a perfect world my friend which we are far from.

What I think is more fucked up is the fact that this is ALL ON TAPE (Obviously not clear enough to see the gun).

Secondly, it’s 2010 and thats the best camera quality we can get on a fucking cruiser?

Finally, the gun was wiped clean of any prints, and that doesn’t raise any questions???

he probably deserved it

That would be entirely possible, if the police unions would let it happen. They will not.

why would they care? there are hundreds of videos of US cops assaulting people and getting away with it