Cool mp4 player/review

I just bought a mp4 player that I really like so I thought I’d write a review of it to share with my fellow SKR’ers I use the e-book function to store alot of Streetfighter info as well as many of the threads in text form so I can read them at work etc. The photo viewer with the zoom feature I use to view scans of my Alpha anthology guide. Anyway here is my review…

Onda VX525

Ok, I have had the Onda touch clones and other generic mp4 players, This player beats them all hands down (of the ones I have owned). The Onda clones aren’t that sensitive and only the icons responded to touch. On the 525 if you were to draw a curve on the screen you would get a curved line. Now on a itouch you can pretty much brush your finger and get a result, now the 525 isn’t that sensitive but its pretty close and still very responsive, as long as there is a bit of pressure on the screen it works fine, the plastic screen protector can be a bit annoying cause it seems to be a bit sticky with the stylus but thats just me nitpicking.
Is is sluggish I don’t think so , actually in its price range I think its probly quicker than its peers. Once booted up, going from menu to menu and starting music, movies, games etc. goes very quickly with no real delay. Choppy? A bit but not in a way that affects the functionality of the player. If you are used to a S-flow or itouch it’s nowhere as smooth but like I said it doesn’t affect the functionality of the player.

The Radio worked good, got all the stations I usually get but you will lose the function when you upgrade.

The picture viewer works good, and the thumbnails scroll smoothly. The biggest problem I have is how to format my pictures for maximum resolution and quality on this player. I converted some pdf’s to images that look fine on my pc but look crushed on my 525. the zoom works well enough but the text is messed up because of this “crushing” effect. If anyone can help me with this problem I would greatly appreciate it as this was one of the main reasons I got this player.

As for the flash Games I have to say I expected the worst but I’m happy to say I’m pleasantly suprised. Most of the games I’ve tried have worked well and are very playable. Its funny The size of the screen is more of a factor that the sensitivity of it, it feels a bit confined , not as much visually as physically ( you don’t have much room to move the stylus ). I was really impressed with the table tennis, its fast, smooth and has good physics. How games work overall is a crapshoot, some games with good graphic eg. 3d golf, Everybody golf worked pretty good for me while one of the simpler air hockey games was kinda choppy. Still there are thousands of games out there and I’m sure if anyone looks they will find loads of games that they will find fun and playable.

The video that I have converted and played on the player looks and plays great, just like my Onda clone. Its like a TV in your hands. It actually seems to be a bit less picky about the video’s put on it as It played some youtube stuff without any converting and I didn’t see any sound,video sync issues either.

Music plays fine and the onda phones were actually pretty loud, I expected dollar store quality but that wasn’t the case, they aren’t Alpha Brain waves but I’m happy for now.

Here’s some links to another video review and a pic: