Cool-Breeze AV

Is there anybody willing to try something new?
I would like an avatar of a my 2 favorite games, Guilty Gear and Marval v.s. Capcom 2.

Chipp and Strider maybe would be a good idea.
But just looking for a new av.

Guilty geAR is prefered but if no one wants to do Gear than Marval would great Iceman is the character I would like to have.

I’m confused… you want either a chipp av or an ice man av? where does strider fit in?

If someone was willing to put Chipp and Strider all on one AV but either Chipp or Iceman would do.

up to you if you wanna use this

Hell yeah hell yeah thanks for your time and effort yo but I forgot how to put it on damn it man :sad:

Click user cp at the top, then click (on left side) edit avatar from there.