Converting PS3 controller into PS2

Is there an adapter out there that does such? All I’m finding is PS2 to PS3.
The reason I would want to do this is because my friend only has a PS2 and not a PS3,
and also if i were able to convert it into PS2, I could convert that into GC/Wii for TvC.

No it’s just impossible because the sixaxis is made in a diffrent way, and the PS2 supports only Dualshock and Dualshock 2.

Even if you ask Tech Talk, there exists no backwards converter.

Your best best is replacing the PCB with a MC Cthulhu and wire up a PS2 wire to it.

Just buy a PS2 controller, or better yet buy a used PS2 controller, or even better find someone you can borrow a PS2 controller from and forget to return it. It will be cheaper and easier than anything else you would try to accomplish.

i can’t imagine ps2 controllers cost very much anymore

They’re like 25 new I believe. I saw them for like 15 at gamecrazy used and anywhere from 2-5 dollars at the fleamarket.

Pretty sure it’s not impossible, it’s just not in demand enough to have anyone make a converter.

The best solution is simply getting a PS2 stick, since there’s like adapters for every console for those.

Wallmart says fuck that. I saw them running 40 dollars new at the electronics section.

No, I’m not kidding.

Yup. Same here. Still charging ridiculous prices for ps2 controllers and mem card at walmarts in my area.

There is no adapter.

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Sounds like the bundle with the memory card. Online it’s around 18 bucks.

Its not; I’m talking about the controller standalone.

If you buy a PS2 controller from Walmart for $40, then you need to be slapped. You can almost get a full system for that much money.

I’m surprised this guy didn’t try to plug the charging cable into the usb slot…or does the slim have that? I’m still rockin’ my fatty from 2001.