Converting HDMI to YPbPr without HDFury (For Hauppauge)

Update: Decided to go the HDMI route for my stream, but I’ll keep this thread here just in case anyone wants to copy my setup in the future. See Mit’s post.

[S]So after a bit of brainstorming trying to bypass HDCP, I came up with a possibly lagless setup that I was hoping someone could approve before I go out and buy the items. I am trying to stream my PS3 with an HDPVR while on a Asus VH236H.[/S]

[S]So PS3 would be output through:[/S]

[S]Then split through: (with one side going straight to the Asus)[/S]

[S]And the other going to the Hauppauge through this:[/S]

[S]The main reason why I thought this might work, is because I saw a video explaining how to use that PS3 VGA cable, and they chose “Component” output on the PS3. That said, that last VGA to Component cable *should *work, since the actual VGA signal is a YPbPr signal outputted from the PS3 right?[/S]
[S]Thanks for putting up with this tl;dr post[/S] :slight_smile:

Nope not at all, VGA dose not work that way. VGA works on a RGB system not YPbPr.

Also depending where you are located there are legal ramifications for bypassing HDCP

Are you trying to do this setup because it is cheaper? I have been successful with this setup:

PS3->HDMI->Powered Splitter->one HDMI cable to Asus and the other to a HDMI to Component converter->Component cables into Hauppauge

I used both a the splitter and converter from “View HD” found on Amazon

I’m trying to do this because I hear that you can’t go with the HDMI route because of HDCP. I know the VIew HD products say that they’re “HDCP compliant,” but I have no idea if that means it’ll strip the HDCP, or if it means that it is legally compliant with HDCP laws. Your exact same setup was what I wanted to do initially, but I just got kinda wary since everyone I asked is telling me I need an HDFury for that to work.

And darksakul, as always thanks for the Tech Talk help, it seems like you’re always first to answer my questions lol. But on another note, does the PS3 output RGBHV through the VGA? If so, I guess I’ll look for a way to convert RGB to YPbPr.

We have a whole thread on streaming with the Hauppauge on PS3, plenty of information there if you search

Seems like that Mayflash device transforms YPbPr into RGBHV, so you need something more like a Sony Multi-AV splitter, or to hack that cable up to work from a component input, then split a PS2 component cable’s output into two sets.

I’m wondering how it’s converting that YPbPr signal passively, since that Mayflash thing is just a cable and isn’t powered. I guess this thing would be a good summer project to test out. Splitting an analog signal passively doesn’t cause any lag does it?

On another note, if someone can confirm that the VIewHD products work around HDCP, I think that’ll be the end of this lol. Alternately, if someone can point me to a way to convert RGBHV back into YPbPr, that would be cool too (for the Hauppauge input).

Thanks again guys.

I know there’s a way to use all analog components to go from RGB to YPbPr, I’m sure the inverse of it can also be done with analog components. If they’re set up this way they won’t lag since they don’t do any digital stuff that involves buffering the signal and whatnot.

Just checked and lookie here: Just involves some math, some op-amps, and hardcore EEing.

Also, not to nitpick, but there’s power available on all (or almost all) consoles’ video output connector, so you could power something inside a video cable using that.

Mind you there’s no guarantee that MayFlash is using a method like this, they could very well do some hackjob with a digitized signal and whatnot.

I shouldn’t have waited so long to try and make this public. I’m going to try and get Jaxel or someone to make this known.

I have been using this product for a few months now, and Bifuteki is now using it as well:

It’s an HDMI to component converter that does indeed strip HDCP, and works with PS3. I went through multiple products trying to find something that did this. There are a few products that do this, but they don’t always work with the PS3, or they provide an offcenter image. This product both works with PS3 and provides a crystal clear, centered image, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It is EASILY the MOST cost-effective solution for streaming from HDMI with the PS3.

PS3 output goes into an HDCP-compliant HDMI splitter (I use the 1-in 4-out splitter/distro amp from Monoprice, same one Jaxel uses), one of those outputs goes into the HDMI>component converter, and then into your Hauppage or Blackmagic device (I use a Blackmagic Intensity Pro), and the other output goes into the player monitor. Very simple, works great, and a great price (even cheaper now than when I purchased it).

EDIT: One of the reviews for the product even confirms it works EXACTLY as you are intending it to, with a PS3 and a Hauppage.

Great this is exactly what I was looking for in the first place. I kept getting mixed opinions about converting HDMI to YPbPr and HDCP compliance but this is perfect. Thanks Mit.

DanAdamKOF, I just took a quick glance at this:

And although this totally isn’t up my alley, I have a EE friend that could potentially help me out with this. I’m pretty interested lol. This whole thing, however, banks on the fact that the Mayflash is converting the signal like they describe. Probably won’t go this route since I know the HDMI option now, but it’s still something I want to try in the future.

As an update, it appears that Amazon link no longer works :frowning: I’ll try and show you guys the product so you can hunt for it. The generic box it comes in is this:

However there are a bunch of “Linkstyle” converters that come in this box.

The actual device looks like this:


You can find this thing in a variety of places, under many different names, so just make sure it looks like this, and that it is HDMI to component, or HDMI to YPbPr, or HDMI to 5 RCA. I’m not gonna lie though, I just tried to find it elsewhere, and I didn’t have any luck. Before I had found it on Amazon, I wound up at some pretty wacky sites trying to find it, but they weren’t as ideal. The one I remember was an overseas site with expensive shipping.

Another one that I wanted to try was this “ViewHD” converter, that had mostly positive reviews:

You can also find this one with other brands on it, there’s even one out there labeled “HDFuryPro”. This is worth giving a shot if you can’t find the first adapter. Just try not to pay $80+ for it, there are cheaper ones out there, and make sure it has a return policy.


I tried one of these (PS3 HDMI, component into a Blackmagic Intensity), it didn’t work well. The image was offcenter, which resulted in cutting off a large portion of the right side of the screen.

As an update to this thread, I managed to find what I think is Mit’s converter on a UK eBay store. The item is a branded version of the converter, under the company name “Decrescent.” I will update this thread once the converter arrives. For now, here’s the link for anyone interested:

I can vouch for all of that except the ViewHD thing. (I posted the exact same info in the streaming thread).

Also, would any of this VGA conversion stuff help at all with the whole 240p thing?

If you don’t change the scanrate from 15khz and your card doesn’t support 15khz 240p then I can’t see how it would help.

And so the tale of my nerd rage continues!

I’ll go ahead and update this again. The above posted eBay link is now inactive as well, but that same shop has an Amazon store: [

Again, converts HDMI HDCP-protected video (ie: the PS3’s output) to component, so you can capture it with typical capture devices such as a Blackmagic Intensity, and it does so without any picture clipping or quality degradation.](‘’)

Another update, shoutouts to Bifuteki for this one. He found another one on sale at Amazon. $30 with free shipping:

IF YOU NEED TO STREAM FROM PS3, THIS IS THE PRODUCT TO BUY. Hassle-free conversion from HDCP-protected HDMI, straight to component, ready to be captured in full-quality by a Blackmagic Intensity or other capture device. And IT’S CHEAP. But works great :slight_smile: Me and Bifuteki have been using them for months.

Yeah guys JUMP on this instead of giving the guys at HDFURY 200+ dollars. I have learn from the past that the HD Fury breaks as quickly as these devices we have shared with u.