Controller question

will all the arcade original games like SF3 and CvS 2 be using the arcade Controllers or can you use PS2 controller

because i’d like to go and to enter but there arent many arcades near me since i moved and ive been playing the games still but on the PS2 ports of it

you can use any controller you want since games run on PS2, PS3 or DC

all games must be played on 3DO pad or else you are disqualified:lovin:


3DO pad. Good times.

DO people even go to the EVO site let alone pay attention to announcements?

LOL 3DO pad ftw.

control edits

Can you change your controls in the match from default to whatever you want?

You can change them before the match. Always check before playing to make sure they are right.

As well, in-game macros such as PPP or LP+LK are permitted.

had to accommodate the pad scrubs like doren2k and juicy g booo


Are there any characters not allowed? I’d figure Shin Akuma and Ultimate Rugal wouldn’t be since they are unbalanced but are there any others that are restricted to use?

riot blood iori and evil ryu are banned too

Had to accommodate the stick scrubs like true_tech booo

I think its, if they are available in the arcade ver. of the game, you can use them. no console exclusive characters allowed.

:rofl: That was some good lawlz. I remember the picture for the advertisement so I had to look it up:


i thought they only use this JAG PAD?