Controller like Joystick for Tounament Mad Catz Arcade FightStick PRO?

I have been using a Mad Catz Arcade FightStick PRO and i like it but i have a problem with the joystick. Im having trouble doing fireballs and tatsumakis. So basicly quarter style moves.
I have been trying 4 way 8 way and circle restrictor gates and i have trouble with all of them. I have most succes with just removing the restrictor gate itself and doing tape between it…
Im having no trouble on controller. But i find the button layout of a controller to be terrible and im very used to the 8 button layout on a arcade stick.

So heres my question is there some other joystick types that feels more similar like a controller? like the american or korean style of joystick cause i need a solution ( I saw they use a very different way of making round motions). The japanese joystick feels realy bad for me and i dont want any of these weard controller stick hybrid controllers cause controllers break easily and arcade sticks never break and you can easily replace parts. Im mostly a Street fighter player but i play Tekken 7 and other fighters as well. Please help!

You can try an octagon gate or swap in a sanwa jlw and get a circle gate. I’ve done both when I first got into fightsticks and then I learned that square gate was the best and went back. Now all my sticks are square

Worse comes to worst, you can always try THIS.

QANBA CIRCLE GATE? How is this one different from the sanwa circle gate? Is it more tight like a controller one? Also the Seimitsu LS-32 Triple Restrictor Plate seems also realy interesting but i dont that will fit on my sanwa parts.

Maybe it’s just me, but I really have no idea what you mean when you want a stick to be “more like a controller”.
Joysticks are inherently VERY different compared to a standard d-pad by design; I’m trying to understand what you’re looking for when you’re actually looking for.

Well with a joystick and a circle restrictor you get round motions and with a controller you get this to. For some reason i have no trouble doing fireballs on a controller but i do with the joystick. Maybe it is because the circle on a controller is very tight and i love it (becuase its so small?). On the joystick (the sanwa circle restrictor gate) its all very loose and wobly because the circle feels so big and wide, wich kills my precision (and probably why no one recommends a circular restrictor gate). Maybe i just need one of these seimitsu joysticks or whatever but i doubt i can just build that into my Mad Catz Arcade Stick Pro. Or maybe i can get a more tight circular gate so it doesnt get all wobly. I dunno theres so many options out there but i dunno wat to do.

Depending on stock levels, this may be easier to source than the Sanwa circle insert. It’s also a single piece of plastic, and doesn’t have the possibility for flex over time like the Sanwa insert.

Honestly, I’ll echo @FreedomGundam, and take it to the next step.

If you’re gripin’ this much about how you want a joystick to feel like a d-pad, then perhaps you should consider just ditching the stick and going to a pad. There’s no shame in that.
…But know that no joystick (regardless of make or model) will likely EVER provide you with what you are asking…

KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus Octagonal Restrictor Plate seems realy nice, is there any Sanwa variantion anyone knows off? Or anything that just fits on a arcade stick pro joystick.

Sanwa’s variation is just the standard Sanwa Octogonal gate.
It sounds like you want less throw as well on your joystick, so you might want to look into actuator replacements as well.

I’m not trying to make assumptions but it honestly sounds like you just haven’t put in enough time getting used to playing on stick.

Well i found a way i could play fine. By removing the restrictor gate alltogether (well the middle part) i could pull of my moves. I dont realy know why but this seems to work realy well for me lol. I clicked out the thing in the middle in the restrictor gate and problem solved.