Controller Adapters for the Switch

Getting a Wiimote to work on it, Then hooking up a Classic Controller Pro to it

Or a Sega Saturn Controller

Perfect for Fighting Games

At the time of writing there is no controller adapters for the Switch.

At the moment the 8Bitdo Bluetooth controllers work with the latest firmware update.
And Brooks is looking into things for development.

Last I check Nintendo went out of their way to make sure Wiimotes didn’t work.

I might get the SFC30 Controller anyways

are there any pad hacks for the 8bitdo controllers?

I need to get around top taking one of my 8bitdo controllers apart and see if it’s common ground or not.

Okay I probed my SFC30’s PCB. From Multimeter test the board appears to be common ground.
Confirmed its negative by testing the ground points with the negative battery terminal on the back of the board.
No word if it Dual-mod compatible yet.

Here is the PCB and its ground and signal points.

I would just solder to the ground plane (that silver rectangle) as your Ground.

Brook converter will support … soon

Anyone know if the Wii u Pro pcb is common ground as well? If a friend doesn’t want to get the converter I will likely make a converter box for his pad using one of the 8bit do pads.

You probably don’t want to divulge yet, but if you could I’d love to know if the Switch support is coming via a new switch-only converter or if this would be added to the Wii-u converters already out? Or if its even possible to add the functionality to the Brook UFB? Thanks.

Ultra Street Fighter II was just released a week ago. I am pretty sure that they haven’t had enough time yet to make this determination, let alone conduct a full gamut of tests yet to even speculate.

I’m not saying this because I think Brooks owes us anything, but they’ve had ample time to whip something up. They didn’t need USF2 to do what they needed to do to have something available at USF2’s launch. If anything they were probably waiting to see if there was ample demand for a switch converter.

When I righthanded a PS2/OXB Street Fighter Anniversary stick, I bought a Game Elements PS2->GameCube controller adapter. I had a GameCube to WiiU controller adapter (whihc I originally bought for Active life to work on the Wii U, but it only works for Smash Bros. on the Wii U, so it was worthless until…) and I saw videos for using Standard PS2 pads on a Switch using a PS2->GameCube adapter and a GameCube->Wii U/Switch adapter, so I tried it on the Switch.

At first I plugged the SFAS in the Game Cube port, then the GC into the GC->NS port and then the 2 USB cables in the Switch while the power was off, then turned it on, and tried to do the manual recognition, and it didn’t work.

Then I tried turning it on first, and going in the opposite order except attaching the PS2->GC adapter loose before and attaching that on the end. And When I pressed the L?R buttons on the change order/grip menu, I presses HP and 3P together, and it recognizes as a pro controller.

However one note, at least in right handed mode, the PS2->GC->Switch mapping does not map perfectly, so you’ll have to adjust the controls for make it work with the Standard Street Fighter arrangement. Luckily, there’s button programming on there, and all 8 buttons are recognized. However, if you want to record or stream a match, I recommend an external PVR/stream device and not use the one on the switch controller because the capture and menu button are not on there. Also a second controller must be awake if you want to switch to the OS menu.

As far as I can tell, there is no lag, at least no added lag beyond not being hooked up to a CRT TV. My TV is A Playstation 3D TV, and it is tested by others at 33 ms.

I don’t really have the budget for the brooks adapters

My YouTube is not taking off, I would like to review products on my channel to get subs

Buy one of their products and review it, then contact them, they might send you more products to review.

I found 2 very Specific solutions for Ultra Street Fighter 2

On both of these ways that worked, I tried a (righthanded) Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Stick for PS2. I tried 2 different PS2-> Game Cube adapters, and plugged that into a Wii U Game Cube controller adapter, and plugged that into the Switch USB Port. It must be done in a certain order, but it requires plenenty of “dummy mode” time and controller options mode to see which buttons map to what, amd to get it where you like. Thankfully, once it’s finished it’s permenantly saved.

Before I heard of that soluiot0n, I bought a Coov N100 which was supposedly a PS4/Xbox One -> switch adapter. At first I tired it with the same SF15 PS2 stick, plugged it into a PS2-> Xbox One adapter made by ZeroDot, which does work well on Xbox One, (even though I would have preferred a Microphone port in it), it did not recognize at all on the switch when I added a Coov N100 to it. I tried different orders of attaching, and none of them worked.

It was not worth selling, so I played a hunch and tried the excat same Coov N100, and SF15 stick, but with a ZeroDot Ps2-> Xbox 360 adapter. Strangely enough that WORKED.

And I don’t remember if one button was missing on the Wii U Game Cube Adapter, but if it were, the ZeroDot 360 solution didn’t have that problem, with all 8 buttons mappable. But this did require a little creative rearranging, becuas the save mode was on GameCube mode, so I defaulted, and it work right. The weird thingwas pressing middle kick to continue instead of quick kick like most SF games.

I noticed the adapter seemed to work well if the USB extension cord, the PS2-.360 adapter and the joystick were all plugged in the chain to the Coov N100, and then stick the whole chain by the Coov in the USB as a single mechanical entry, instead of dealing with “blank controls” it recognizes the controller as a whole at the moment the USB is plugged in. And make sure the Coov is the closest thing to the Switch USB, not the USB extension.

Also, if you want to go for as many consoles from the past as well as the present, a Playstation 1/2 controller is your best bet. Since thankfull that’s the easiest controller to righthand contour-wise, I’m so lucky. Plus it’s rated as a highly compatible ( and if you have the right version, universal) joystick with PS2-> other console adapters.

Anyone know of a PS2-> Xbox One adapter WITH the 3.5 mm microphone hole, or must I always install the Kinect any time i want to reach out and touch someone with my fists and feet as well as verbally?

Mayflash NS to Mayflash sega saturn to pc adapter ?