Contest ENDED! Win a Blazblue MadCatz Joystick!


I’m kinda new to posting messages in SRK like this, so I hope it’s met with a positive vibe. I’m offering a chance to win one of two Blazblue MadCatz joysticks from There’s no purchase necessary - just post a (reasonably positive) message here indicating you want one, and which joystick you want (Xbox360 or PS3). Contest runs until 9pm ESTThursday, July 29th. This will be the official thread, so please tell your friends especially if they are Blazblue fans!

Contest details and rules are available here:

FocusAttack: Win a MadCatz Blazblue Continuum Shift Tournament Edition Joystick!

1st. does this mean i win one automatically? (oh and 360)

free bike?? and all I have to do is climb in the back of your windowless van?

I will take a 360 one

edit: i should also mention i JUST bought Blazblue, so your joystick will help me stop getting raped by the other 99.999999% of the BB population

these are by far the best looking unmodded t.e. sticks i have seen. either ps3 or 360 i am not picky sir

Yo. Best store for fighting game related ish. I will take an Xbox 360 edition please.

I’ll throw in my hat for a PS3 arcade stick…for the power of science that it.
Lovely stick

Lets go PS3.

Entering for a PS3 stick. I really like the look of the Blazblue TEs.

Also, the rules say “one per person”, but how are you going to tell that a given twitter account isn’t owned by somebody that entered on Facebook or SRK?

360! FocusAttack = Best online store! Dude is really cool.

The fight sticks are so godlike i need one now on PS3

Well, if I could get one of those sexy sticks, it’d have to be for the PS3. Looks pretty sharp.

I would definitely be down for a Xbox360 one of these great sticks, because that’s the system I’m getting CS for.

360 Please. =)

Entering to win a Blazblue MadCatz PS3 stick

I would love a PS3 one. Thank you in advance.

Just a poor boy, I need some sympathy. Please give me a PS3 one! This is awesome and thank you!

This is awesome, thanks for the opportunity. I would like Xbox 360 MadCatz Blazblue TE Fightstick! Good luck all.

Edit: I only have a Madcatz Street Fighter IV SE fight stick. I want to step my game up to the heralded TE version.

pick me because I don’t own any sticks :sad:

I’ll cum everywhere for a 360 stick.

Hmm, those Joysticks look hawt; Even more so because it’s Blazblue related, haha.
I’d like one for the 360, and thanks for doing this MadCatz/Aksys Games. :smiley:

And I don’t own any sticks, so~ you should pick me, lol.