Constructive analysis of my rog (tips/advice plz!)

sup fellow boxers,

just as the title suggests, I want you guys to help me improve my game and level up…Rog has been my main for almost a year now, but I havent really hit the training room hard with him and I have only one tournament experience under my belt, which leads to a newfound passion to get better with him and gain confidence…here are some vids against adon, elf, and honda



:china: please give me advice on what was good/bad and any other constructive criticism!

I strongly think you need to hit the training room more…figure out what combos do the most damage & this doesnt not only goes for you but all Rog player we keep doing rush upper on crouching opponents

lol thanks man…i like to do rush upper to gain distance for spacing/baiting…but on second thought this could grow into a bad habit for later on



I’m new to the forums so I hesitate giving out advice as I have not yet proved my self a competent player, but here goes.

Overall your Balrog is very good, I didn’t see much wrong during these videos. However I did pick out a couple things that should help you improve your game.

  1. Using TAP can be effective when used effectively, from your play you seem to like letting one rip multiple times during a match. The problem with doing this is that any good player even moderately good will begin to punish, most likely hard as you keep releasing them. Not to say you don’t use them effectively but in my honest opinion use them a bit less, if you haven’t used a tap for the majority of the round a surprise release will catch them off guard and if it hits meaty you can hit that follow on as you no doubt know.

  2. Sometimes players don’t mean it but the use of rush upper in a block string on a crouching opponent is a big no. They can punish you in a number of ways. Again i’m sure you know this.

  3. And finally and this is a good point. Your overall game, spacing and from what i’ve saw match knowledge is very good. The Honda match really impressed me, your use of normals was great and you seemed to take almost every opportunity to punish, very good as well as you use of specials you mix them up really well.