Constant Wiki Issues

Have you ever noticed that the SRK Wiki goes down randomly for large stretches of time, or is it just me? For years now I have used the wiki and every so often, it just won’t let me connect. Does everyone experience this, and if so, could a mod explain to me why?

It seems strange to me that the SRK site itself would be fine but the wiki would be down, unless they are on separate servers… and I would guess a purely (well, mostly) text-based wiki would be easier to maintain than the main site, but then again, I don’t know much about networking.

Is it a maintenance thing, or what? :wonder:

PS: I bring this up finally because it’s down for me right now, and has been for at least 24 hours… :angry:

Bump… can noone explain this to me? The Wiki is STILL down for me, and it’s been almost 3 days! What is the deal?!?

It’s down for me as well. I imagine it’s a maintenance issue? I hoped to find some info on the forums but haven’t been able to find any. Maybe there’s something I missed.

I’ll ping @MrWizard . I believe that yes they are on different servers.

Thanks for that. It’s still down… been almost 5 whole days.

I’d really like to know why this occurs fairly frequently though…

STILL DOWN!! What the hell?!?!?

Somebody, please… is there somewhere better I can put this, or some way to contact an Admin/Mod directly?

You want Wiz. Maybe PM him? I already hit him up - I’d guess that they’re working on it.

I’m having stupid problems where I get locked out for posting too many times even though I only posted once.

11 days and counting…

This clearly isn’t a simple maintenance hiccup or something of that nature. 11 solid days of downtown is pretty insane for any website, and as I’ve stated, this has happened many times over the years. I can’t recall the last time it was down for THIS long, but it definitely occurs more often than not.

I have pinged Mr. Wizard as suggested, I’ll let you know if I get a response…

I can’t open Shoryuken wiki to re-learn UMVC3 moves <(

It is FINALLY back up, after 15 solid days of downtime… :o

This isn’t the first time either. I would LOVE to know why this occurs. :amazed:

It was being worked on. Its complicated.

I see… well, thanks for fixing it. B)

Would it not be possible to have an alternate backup of the wiki that can be worked on without causing downtime…? Can you provide any insight as to why this occurs fairly frequently, and what, if anything, the SRK community can do to help (besides donate boatloads of cash… :wonder:)?

There is a SRK Wiki.

Why not just use the site.