Console thread changes

Changes are being made to both 360 and PS3 console threads for those of you that haven’t already noticed.

If you wish to discuss this or if Ronin or somebody wants to lay down some ground rules for what is and isn’t okay, I think it should be done here. Mod suggestion thread is for other things and otherwise these discussions are going to spill over into the PS3 and 360 thread.

If you don’t think this is a good idea lock it, but I’m tired of seeing people troll the lounge or other threads.

I’m not trying to backseat mod so apologies if it comes off that way. A lot of people are frustrated about this whole issue and I don’t want gaming on a GAMING FORUM to be taboo like race and religion, etc.

Ronin is actually working on a set of GD specigic rules he’ll put up next week. Hopefully those will answer your questions.

Oh. My bad didn’t mean to jump the gun. I sort of figure that if we don’t give people some place to talk about this it’s going to spill over into everywhere else. Like taking someone with an infectious disease and throwing them into an airplane turbine.

Hopefully for the meantime people can post questions/comments here instead.

At this point we’re really trying to get people to move on from what happened altogether and since Ronin knows what he’s doing with regards to the rules, this really isn’t needed.