Consistency with yun's tetsuzankou?

I can land shoryuken pretty easily, almost always. Yet yun’s tetsuzankou which is the same exact move won’t land but half the times I try it, doing zesshou hohou instead. If the moves are the same why is this happening. I’m playing on a stick, I’m new to it. Any tips on fixing this problem?

as with any execution problem:

  1. go to training mode
  2. turn on “display inputs”
  3. see where your mistake is
  4. fix it/practice the move correctly

You know how when you go from down to forward you have to grind against the edge of the slot your stick is in? Well, instead of grinding from down to forward, try just jiggling the stick in the in the bottom corner to input direction.

If that doesn’t work, try doing the down to forward motion but ending the forward a little bit higher.

If that doesn’t work, do it faster.

If that doesn’t work, read the post above again and check for results. If that doesn’t work, read my post again.

Also, don’t forget to push a button after the motion.

You’re just mind fucked, keep practicing and it will come with time…

Thanks for the advice guys. Paying attention to my input helped a lot. I now go forward down-forward forward instead of returning to down. Problem solved.

Big tip, end your dp motions in down-forward and hold it there if you must for a split second longer. Helps especially if characters have overlapping motions with other specials and even super.
Another thing with Yun if you want to use xx shoulder during footsies, is to begin with down-back, this stops you from getting his upkicks when you are walking back and forth during footsies. During a combo it doesn’t matter how you input it though.

And ofcourse like the others said, turn your input display on and see if you are truly inputting what you think you do. Problems like these are almost always because of sloppy inputs…and because of annoying input leniency.

Have you ever noticed correct inputs not working? Every now and then I’ll notice the input show I did it correctly and I certainly have no issue with timing. Thanks for the advice, are you saying go forward down-forward and stop? I remember someone saying to not go down on a dp because if you’re doing it from a crouch position you can accidentally super (with ryu anyway).

If you END it in forward then you’ll NEVER get a super, EVER. The reason a super comes out is if the LAST input is a forward when you do 2 srk motions. Also try to do a regular motion from a crouching position, it will help in other 2D fighter also if you now how to do it properly. Simply go from downback, f, d, df if you do it from a A it doesn’t really matter, but i hold forward during and then do a simple qcf. During combos it also doens’t matter but preferably the regular motion.

Thanks for the advice LockM, I’ve got everything down now. Alternatively I found I could also shoryuken from crouch without hitting forward, just downback, df, d, df.