Considering Art's Tek-Case, what do I need?

I think instead of investing in a second commercial stick to mod, I would rather just go full custom to complement my Noir Panel TE2 (which I will customize even more later on with an ezmod and a brook ufb).

This stick will be all Seimitsu, I already have x10 30mm and x2 24mm screw in buttons and a S plate LS-32 to work with.

So outside of grabbing more 24mm buttons, what else do I need?

I’m guessing so far these:

  • Brook ultimate fightboard pcb
  • neutrik connector (but should I go RJ45 or USB?)
  • 22-AWG wire
  • quick disconnects

I don’t want to do any soldering and I did see that there are pre soldered and setup UFBs being sold out there.

I want to go with a Sega Astro Panel 1P 6 button layout and have buttons on the right side and on the front panel.

Right Panel:

Front panel:

  • PS Button
  • Neutrik
  • Share
  • start

That would make the leftside barren but I could have L3/R3 on there since the Brook UFB, but I can’t think of any fighting game that uses them. Maybe SFV or ASW games for training mode?

Any recommendations? This could cost as much as a new commercial stick or maybe less or the same depending on what I do with the commercial stick.

I would also commission new custom art like I did with my TE2 which was quite popular during Evo Japan this year.