Considering a second good stick - another TE or HRAP3/HRAP ex

Now my stick fetish truly seem to have kicked in. Found a store over here that pre-sells the HRAP3 at a very reasonable price, and I am seriously considering taking the bait. And I havent even recieved my TE stick yet…

Honestly I’m interested in getting the hrap3 just as much out of curiousity as for probable two player use, as I basically dont have many friends who enjoy playing fighters. It would be interesting to see how it compares to the TE. However, getting another TE with time is a valid alternative.

If you do recommend the hrap3, would the ps3 or an xbox version be the best alternative? I decided to get a 360 version TE because of you Shoryuken members feedback, but I would think the hrap3 could be different in this aspect. The ps3 version have quick disconnects on the buttons, right? And the 360 version (ex) has uncommon ground pcb’s anyway, so no point in choosing that one before the other because of potential dual modding options? I will first and foremost use it for my pc btw, but I may get a ps3 in future.

I also have read about the sa edition of these sticks, and I have to say it looks like a nice catch. It hasnt been introduced in any presales here though, and its not probable that I will find these sticks at the price I’m looking at right now. I could of course wait and see, but my patience isnt rated as A+ to say the least.

I’ve read reports coming in about the pcb’s starting to mess up in both the TE’s and the hrap3’s, which is somewhat discomforting. At least this evens out the fault score between them a bit.

Any feedback would be appriciated. Thanks!

Amazon actually have HRAP 3 SA for pre-order.

No HRAP EX SA though.
That only came out in Japan like three weeks ago.

Oops, I did not realize you are in Norway.
Sorry that.

My Post not help you. :shake:

No problem mate. Thanks anyways. I actually just tried to add it to my basket and proceed, but no dice. I cant order that specific product over here :sad:

Edit: Oh. And btw. They do have the EX-SA as well:

That’s an EX-SE, which is not the same thing.
SE = Seimitsu parts, SA = Sanwa parts.
Make sure you are paying for what you want.

Ah. My bad. I wondered why jdm714 didnt notice that they had the SA, being the informed guy he appears to be. Guess I didnt look close enough.:blush:

Thanks for pointing out that to me mistcore. I remember reading something about Sanwa parts a few days ago but it slipped my mind. Also someone said it meant “Special Addition” (with Sanwa), so I figured “Special Edition” was just another way of saying “the xbox version with Sanwa”.

Still cant decide what to do. I want to jump the gun, as it cant hurt to have TWO good sticks (plus the xarcade for other stuff), but I really want to do “the right thing” here.

Gaak I just pre-ordered the Hrap 3-SA.

I got it since the TE ps3 can’t be used with old games (ps1,ps2).

I have the Hrap ex and the TE for 360. Like the TE a bit better.
Also have a wii fighting stick. All my sticks have sanwa buttons but I would not mind trying out the seimitsu stick that’s coming out.

Gotta stop spending money.