Connecting Namco st/se/l/r pcb to xbox360 wired pcb

I’ve taken out the ps1 pcb of a namco arcade, but left in the second pcb which is for start/select/L1/R1. I was hoping to use those buttons with the 360 pcb. I’m doing common ground with the 360 which is official wired controller (late edition). is there any way to hook up the start select namco PCB seen here… To a 360 pcb? thanks…

Yep, that pic shows which wires are what. Keep the harness that runs from the secondary pcb, and solder the wires from it to the signal point of the buttons you want them to be on the 360, and the ground wire to their common point.

I sort of tried this. I soldered st/se/l/r to the 360 pCB. And I soldered the ground wire from the namco pcb onto the daisy chain I had from the 360. nothing happened…Do I have to go right to each buttons com on the pcb with the ground wire?

edit: I guess that’s what you’re saying. I’ll try that out.

This will only work if all of the buttons share the same common, so if you’re putting the triggers up there, that won’t work, as they use a true ground and not the common that the digital buttons use. You might dig out the multimeter and make sure that the buttons on the namco pcb are working fine.

I’m not using the triggers. just start/back/home. Alright so let me get this straight, by rights it should work If I connect the ground wire from the namco pcb onto the 360 daisy chain. If it’s not working then the pcb is borked. Is that correct?

nevermind I got it working. I went to a different common source, guess I had the wrong one ( i dunno). Thanks for your help