Connecting Dreamcast and Laptop to Monitor/TV Help

I have a nice Samsung Monitor that’s both a HDTV and a monitor. It has 2 HDMI, VGA, DVI, Component, and Coaxial. Now I use my Laptop as a desktop, so It’s running VGA out to the monitor, and audio in. I also have a VGA cord for Dreamcast, which uses a VGA cord and audio in (gets the best picture). My issue is I’m tired of switching them back and forth. I can easily get a VGA to DVI, and run the laptop through the DVI, but that leaves an issue of the sound. If I get a device similar to This, run two audio cords to it, can I have both hooked up at the same time? Obviously, I don’t plan on having them running simultaneously. My other idea was that there’s an unused HDMI, and I could get a VGA to HDMI for one of them, but the issue there is ninja zombies eating my brains, I mean, running audio in. Is there a VGA + Audio in to HDMI cable that’s reasonably priced?

This sounds overly complicated and prone to spending too much money. Check out Monoprice?

KVM Switch.

Two VGA/Audio inputs go into it and it outputs to a single monitor/speaker at the press of a button.