Connecting a Neutrik NAUSB-W to a 360 PCB

I’m building a stick out of 3/4" wood and don’t want to cut a notch in the back for the cord. I want to have the ability to detach the cord using the Neutrik usb adapter. Can I just cut my 360 controller cord and shorten it to about 8-10" and plug it into one end of the Neutrik usb adapter, allowing me to use any usb cable on the outside of my case to connect to the xbox 360? Any helpful links would be appreciated.


Should be fine IIRC the Neutrik usb plug has a female end that goes on the inside, so you could just bundle up the cord attached to the 360 PCB and plug it in there.

Yeah cutting the cable would work too, but you don’t have to. If you cut, strip the wires, put on heat shrink tubing, then individual solder splice the colors back up, wrap with electrical tape each color wire at splice then shrink the heat tube over it it should be good.

Thanks guys. Its works great. I cut the cable to about 15". I left the dongle cause I wasn’t sure if it was needed in order for the xbox to recognize the controller. Splicing the wires was a pain though. They are tiny.

I want to do the same thing but I am kinda afraid. How do you connect the wire that surrounds the four wires?

That stuff is just insulation. I just cut away the extra stuff so I just had the 4 wires sticking out. Soldered like colors together and taped each with electrical tape. then taped the whole thing together with more tape. It worked with no problems.

Oh, thanks! That sounds easy enough.