Congradulations to philcito!

The proud father of a beautiful baby girl today ! You have many sleepless/happy nights ahead of you lol !

yeah congrats man i don’t have access to your facebook but don’t raise her to be a online trolling bitch :stuck_out_tongue:

while you’re taking turns with your wife waking up at the middle of the night for the coming few months, just logon to ggpo we’ll keep you occupied lol

Another member of our community with kids! Congratulations, and yeah…good luck getting any fighting game time in with all that child raising you’ll be doing!

[obligatory Here Comes a New Challenger post]


wooooow i feel so flattered!, thank you guys for your messages, and especial thanks to my friend djfrijoles for taking the time to start this thread! :slight_smile: :smiley: yay!

Congrats Man! :slight_smile:

Seems like a great time to bust out the infamous ‘god bless’.


Lol Indeed. Godbless you and yours philcito. Congrats again.

Congrats Phil! :slight_smile:

Little Phil, my man! This is great news!

Felicidades hermano, empieza una etapa diferente en tu vida llena de mucha responsibilidad pero tambien de mucha alegria!


I was thinking more along the lines of "Go Home and be a Fa

Congrats Phil! I have high expectations of your Guile!


Actually, I think Guile already gave him the backhand, then sent him home to be a family man. lol.

Be a family man !

congrats philco! raise her to love FGs more than FPSs :lol:

Congrats bud! I hope she has a happy and healthly childhood, and with a great guy like you as her father I know she will :slight_smile: