Confused about Iron Man's combos

I’m a little confused about his air combos when it comes to hit deterioration because I’ve seen very long combos with Iron Man and what I am about to show here makes the deterioration happen faster.

J.S / C.M, S /\ SJ.H, fly, H, cancel fly, H, J.M, H…opponent flips out

Are there moves in this combo that makes the dummy scape the combo faster? O.o

no one gonna answer i see.

jumping m from ironman and most characters dont have much hitstun. it is weird that the opponent would flipout that early in the combo…but IM ramps up hitstun like stupid. also it could be hitbox issues ie the jumping m hits but then when the jumping h comes out it isnt hitting on its first active frame or is wiffing but looks like the hitstun is deteriorating.

anywho thats all i got. not going to try that combo since its irrelevant cause of the bad starter.



whats wrong with the starter? and thanks for answering! i appreciate it!

the starter is hard to hitconfirm outside of punish situations. a better confirm rather than c.M,S would be: c.M,s.H xx fly (follow into krispy if it hit unfly with s if it got blocked.


I notice that there is a huge hitstun penalty if he touches the floor. That means ironman can’t really do jump loops or combos that magneto can do.
Also, he has no air super, and he doesn’t have a good corner carry combo. I figured when I first started, that the easiest flight combo would be to do a combo that bring the character down, then land, rejump, and do a flight combo since that didn’t require many hits. But the moment you touch the ground and rejump you can’t really do long extended flight combos. That’s why so far the best consistent combo is krispy kreme…but damn, if he could land more than one iteration of rejump before launching ironman would be a lot better.