Confirmation : hrap1 with metal/mirror top + seimitsu LS32?

lol at the title

SOOO…can someone confirm if I can install a seimitsu ls 32 on the older version A hrap1 case ? WITHOUT any welding the metal or something. friend of mine tryin to sell me his hrap 1 with mirror top. now I did read about it here somewhere but I need a confirmation so I can get that case and mod it with a seimitsu stick.
(of course I can always build one myself but I’d rather take the shortcut)

thanks ! :tup:

An LS-32**-01** will drop right into an original mirror-top HRAP.

is this it ?

I am not familer with jap parts at all…used a sanwa for a while but I am still having trouble playing. maybe this will work better since I originally started with american sticks.

No, that’s an LS-32. The LS-32-01 has a different mounting plate. The guts are the same in both sticks.

The -01 also has the microswitches soldered to a PCB with the same JST-NH 5-pin header Sanwa uses which makes it easy to plug into the HRAP’s existing wiring.

^ wouldnt matter cause I have to rewire the whole thing with a dualshock pcb anyway.

so I just need the swap the mounting plate with this and I am good ?


That’s correct. :tup: