Concern with my new TE 'S' Stick

I was hoping someone could help me with this, or at least convince me that it’s not a problem.

I just picked up the SuperSF4 TE S stick yesterday from gamestop. Now, just for the record, I’ve been a stick player for just over a year now. Started with a fightpad, then got a Hori stick, moved up to the Madcatz SE, and now I finally have my first TE.

With the sticks I’ve used before, I never had much of a problem with anything (except for the stick sticking a little on the SE, but I did the glue fix which worked out well).

So last night I busted out my new TE S, and tried it out on a few challenge trials I hadn’t finished yet. Everything seemed smooth and wonderful, until I started dashing, or FADC’ing.

It seems that the requirements to dash on this stick are VERY strict, and when you double tap forward, the stick has to rest at the completely neutral state before the second tap. This resulted in me frequently just standing there when i intended to dash. I seemed to miss dashes about 25% of the time.

Is this strict dashing input just something that’s part of the TE sticks? Or could something be wrong with mine?

Dashing isn’t the least bit strict at all, obviously you have to return to neutral when dashing because holding forward(what the game thinks you are doing) is not the same as hitting forward twice. Work on your execution.

Don’t mean to nitpick, but "With the sticks I’ve used before, I never had much of a problem with anything " implies that he has used sticks before without this specific issue. My guess is that this is an isolated incident specifically caused by the switch to a TE: S.

It may be that it is a different stick so you have to get used to it, but if it is the same stick that is in the normal TE (Sanwa JLF) then I haven’t noticed any kind of problem like that since switching from a normal SE stick (which uses a sanwa knockoff, technically a different stick).

Sorry I don’t know enough about sticks to discern a specific problem with yours and due to the lack of other people posting this problem I am going ot guess it is specifically a problem with yours.

He stated that this is his first TE, JLF have much smaller engage than whats in the Hori FS or SE joystick, so thus he’s pretty much sitting at the edge of the gate of the JLF. Practice will quickly remedy his problem.

I know what you mean DOUBLE F with the throw of the dashes, but a JLF is a JLF no matter what stick its in… i mean minor height changes yes but it depends on what gate you are using. Since you said you just got the TE S Im assuming your playing with the stock square gate on the JLF. The 8 way octo gate has a slightly farther throw distances on your direct paths of UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT than that of the Square gate so the farther you travel away from the center the farther it takes to deactivate the micro switches… I noticed this issue from playin on a octo gate then moving to a square gate but I didn’t notice this difference on playin on a older TE to the new TE S…

Any how Im sure this is something very minuscule that you will adapt to but interesting point

Uhh, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure the engage and throw of a square vs octo is the same in U,D,L,R directions. The only difference is in the diagonals.

The engage distance is identical for square and octo gates but the throw is longer for a square gate.

That’s probably it. Based on what you guys have said, I’m pretty sure that I’m just not used this particular distance from neutral to right/left. So, for example, if I’m holding all the way left, then release the left position, I’m not used to bringing it back as far before I tap left again. Because it seems to stay in the “left” state over a longer range than previous sticks. I guess if I just work on doing this faster it’ll become second nature.

I would never assume a $150 stick that is cherished by tournament players around the world would have a faulty stick mechanic. I just get really paranoid about little things like this (I even worried about the gamestop employees using the stick after hours for weeks before i bought it). But it clearly seems to be in my head, I just gotta get used to it.

Edit: Also, what exactly do you guys mean by “engage” and “throw”?

I don’t know the actual measurements for the two gates but IMO from playing on them it feels that way… I mean just look at the shape of the the octo gate compared to the square gate, generally speaking the U, D, L, R, direct angles on the octo gate look farther from the center than the square gate…
but again this is just IMO

Just keep practicing and you’ll get used to it. It’s all muscle memory. Out with the old and in with the new.

Engage is the distance from neutral to click the microswitch and throw is the full distance a stick can travel from neutral to gate.

Yes, the Engage is same and Throw is longer.
But is it UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT that gets longer, not the Diagonals.

That is if we talking about Sanwa Square to Sanwa Octagon.

For Seimitsu Square to Seimitsu Octagon, the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT stays same.
But the Diagonals get shorter.

It’s not a faulty mechanic at all, you simply do not have to move the joystick very far compared to the cheaper Hori and Madcatz knockoffs for it to register the input of the direction.

Practice inputting your dashes without moving the stick all the way until it hits the gate.

This actually makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

I’m so used to pushing the stick all the way to the right/left that i didn’t even realize the TE’s stick improved on the inputs.

What i was doing wrong was taking the stick all the way to the gate for the first forward tap, then only bringing it back halfway to neutral, then back to the gate again for the second tap. If i brought it all the way back to neutral it just felt like it was too long of a trip.

I’ll start trying what you said, and only move the stick halfway from neutral to the gate. I think it might help with other movements too, like DP’s.

Also, the issue with the sharp edge of the overlay that reviewers pointed out is definitely troublesome. My temporary solution is to wear long sleeves that cover the bottom of my palm. I might have to glue on a little cushion there or something.

Edit: Fokku, what i meant to say before is that I don’t believe this stick has a faulty mechanic. It’s just my own paranoia that causes me to think that I’m the 1 unlucky person who gets the only product that was damaged by someone, or dropped by a factory worker or something. But I’m just being a retard. Madcatz did nothing wrong.