Conan O' Brien announces new show title, Nov. 8 (vid inside) - Conan O’Brien’s New Show Has Odd Name

The link has the video of the announcement

coonnnnaaaawwwww foreevvveeerrr

honestly ive already forgot about the situation. but i will still check it out.

Eh. I am tired of Conan O Brien. He spent the entire year whining like a bitch because he couldn’t get ratings and then got paid like 50 million or whatever.

Fuck him.

Also that is my birthday! YEAH!

Here’s the news from a more reputable source: I?m With ?Conaw?: O?Brien Debuts November 8th on TBS! |

Tickets for taping are available today
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what is the hype about?

He never complained whatsoever. Even when NBC completely fucked him with the retarded Jay Leno lead in. Jay Leno has an absolutely horrendous show but he had a SPECTACULAR lead in. That’s what generates the viewers. Yes, he got paid 50 million but he paid his own employees OUT OF HIS POCKET to make sure they were taken care of too.

If you need to ask, you don’t deserve to know

i dont remember him complaining about that, i think was NBC that was complaining about it and him making fun of NBC for doing so.

im outi


They tried to make Conan talk about it and I think he had some less than favorable remarks for NBC and Jay Leno, but overall he handled it like a man…a man with a multi-million dollar gag-order.

Max Weinberg splits as Conan O’Brien’s bandleader - Yahoo! News


Pssft, he had nothing but excuses for his shitty ratings and then they wanted Leno back. Then he road the whole little Boo Hoo team Coco Wave.

Why am I supposed to feel bad about someone who didn’t do what he was supposed to do, then got a shit load of money, and is so rich he didn’t even need it.

Wah wah wah.

Um. As I said before, NBC absolutely fucked Conan with the lead in of Jay Leno. When Jay Leno first started off doing the Tonight Show he didn’t get spectacular ratings either. It takes time to build up a fan base and NBC simply didn’t even give him a chance to succeed. Even the local news television shows would complain about the lead in of Leno cause it would hurt their ratings too.

Nielsen ratings: NBC picking up after Leno goes back to late night |

It’s basically like somebody giving you your job of lets say, being a CEO of a company after working your entire life for it, but they give you a company out in the middle of the desert and strip you of your job cause you can’t sell. That’s how badly the lead in of Leno under cut Conan. It’s fine not to like Conan, but to say stuff like your saying is just ignorance of what happened. Also, I admire the way Conan left the show on his very last night. One of the classiest things I have EVER seen.

I don’t care. Conan is a Harvard whiny baby.

His show will be debuting (or returning) tonight. Can’t wait. :woot:

Yup I have tickets so I’m seeing him Wednesday, just like I saw his last show early on too. Gonna be sweet

Good for Conan.

Fuck Jay Leno

1 more hour until Coco makes his reappearance. I bet Tom Hanks didn’t think Coco would stick.

hopefully deon cole shows up