Computer To TV

So im thinking about taking my wow/porn addiciton to the next lvl. And instead of playing/watching on a 13inch monitor why not a 37"?

Anyways, my question is… how much is chord? does sound come with it? Will the already big dicks look so much bigger that i hate life even more? :shake:


runescape > wow

fuck you, ty-ty

Can you be alittle more specific on what type of TV you have, is it a HDTV or a tube tv? If its HD then you should have a VGA, DVI, or HDMI hookup. It would good also to have a S-Video hookup.

A chord is usually three notes or more and yes, it generally does come with a sound.

Damn, I was doing this shit back in 2001.

my laptopdoesnt have that hookup :frowning:

its a Hp Dv6000

Tv is a 37" vizio LCD

According to the laptop specs, it has an S-Vid. That should work…right?

oh, is there an S-Video cord? Cause my tv also has s video port…and if so…damn 30$ for hdmi to hdmi waste :frowning:

VGA to composite hook ups I’d give you one from work but at the new place I’m at we havn’t got our adapters in yet.http:// problem is this is video only for sound youd have to have a mini to rca adapter http:// This is only one way theres more.

Hope that helps.

i think ill try the S-video…hopefully these bitches take my chord(lOLOloLo music LOloLo!O!!~!111`) back.

The right link is

well… this is my take on the RCA adapter. So far, four of my friends around me has either LCD TV or multiple input monitor, and from what I have observed, on all of them, the RCA input has lag.

Probably has something to do with the LCD TV’s natural data reception is digital or something, but really, from my experience, anything connect to LCD TVs through RCA adapter has time delay between input and display. so, going RCA using the s-video might not be a good route

maybe a direct VGA output to the monitor and get an adapter cable that has 3.5mm to RCAs?

If your tv supports VGA or DVI, ( I use VGA for my PC), then buy a VGA slitter (typically cheap off ebay for about 8 bucks ). In doing this you can have your PC hooked up , and or a console like the Dreamcast ( SFIII ). Thats how I have my stuff hooked up atm.

hmm ok thanks alot guys!

HDMI cables can be bought much cheaper than $30. Go to Monoprice (dot com) or some other online retailer like Amazon. They have them as low as $4 or so, more if you need a longer length.

You can get a switch at Monoprice if you need multiple HDMI or DVI connections. I use a passive 2x1 switch that cost less than $20, for a PC and PS3, but you can get a powered switch (with remote) for more devices. If the device has DVI out, get a DVI - HDMI cable. If you do get something at Monoprice, I recommend getting a few things at once to spread out the shipping cost.

You definitely want a VGA to HDMI cable if you don’t have a DVI output on your TV. S-Video will lag a lot, which is especially noticeable when playing games like fighting games or FPS.

I got the S-video cord…it works really good. No lag, no sound is doodoo but meh. Also i keep looking at my laptop ignoring my big 37"tv hah! Ill get use to it tho. Thanks again guys

S-video will work fine. The dude said he wants to watch porn, not play games. he’s not going to notice the actor’s cum shot is .08 seconds off frame. He didn’t say anything about hi def, so I don’t know why HDMI even came into the picture. Is it even a HDTV? Is your porn even in HD format?

LOL, its HDTV yes, nah my porn is just regular porn…so far i dont notice any lag tho…even when i play my games.

thanks again