Computer Started in Safe mode

How do i get it out of it?


ive encountered this on some computers ive worked on. if i remember properly i had to modify my boot.ini file i could be wrong but in the file when i opened it with text pad the value for boot mode was set to 1, if this is infact the problem i fixed it by changing that value to 0 and then rebooting.

how do i change the boot.ini file? Rebooting is not working for me.

Click Start -> Run -> type in “msconfig” -> Click the BOOT.INI tab.

What hardware failures were happening, or what changed, previous to it booting in safe mode?

well i’m pretty sure the comp froze this morning while i was at work and my wife just pushed the power button to turn it off. when i got home i just turned the comp and went to do the dishes. i’m pretty sure when it booted up that screen came up asking if you wanted to start it in safe mode or normal mode. since i didn’t hit normal mode in the time given it started in safe mode.

i tried restarting it and the screen came up and i selected to run in normal mode. but it still comes up i safe mode with those huge ass icons and some huge fonts. I’m running on vista if that mades any difference.

Thanks for all the help guys, this just proves to me again that SRK is the best.

did you try system restore?

i’m the most retarded person when it comes to computers. would i lose my stuff on my computer is i did a restore?

It depends, when’s the last time your computer made a restore point? We aren’t talking about a restore from factory, but using your built in Windows restore service. That way you can roll back to an earlier time and see if it was a software change that’s causing your problem.

System restore doesn’t affect data files, if that’s what you’re asking.

actually it could be msdos.sys i asked a colleague and it could be this file as well.

same solution as before…

oh vista… hmm might be somewhat different. as i am not too familiar with vista