Computer monitor headphones jacks, do they always suck?

just wondering, the last 3 monitors I’ve had, 2 of them had issues with the audio jack eventually giving out. honestly I’ve never had this issue with anything except computer monitors, and its pretty light usage. but i like to use headphones when i play games.

  1. how common is this issue?
  2. if its not common, what monitors are you using?

I have a samsung 4K monitor with a jack that I use my speakers in and before that my headphones. Works like a charm and the sound is great.

I would skipp the monitor and use the audio Jack from my pc’s soundcard.

I am assuming your using a PC monitor with console gaming?

yup pc monitor for ps4

If you are handy with a soldering iron you could replace the Jack. Maybe something more rugged that the stock Jack.
If you have any other audio out like a optical or RCA that would work, but you need a headphones amp to go with it.

looks like dell is sending me a new one so for now ill go with that.

Just wondering, is $200-300 considered cheap for a monitor? is that why im constantly getting this problem? i just went to the store and bought whatever one had the best picture quality.

I have a benq that holds together real nice, but the picture quality is not so good so i don’t like to use it as much.

Dell Monitors is the few Dell products that I feel worth a shit. Working with older Dells from the late 90s early 00s is a pain in the ass.
Proprietary parts everywhere. And their computers are terribly built.

Benq good for low input lag but it has ghosting issues.

is $200 to $300 Cheap? Depending on the size and specs.