Completely new

So I’m completely new to fighting games (when I was young I played them but my knowledge of then is outdated and very faded away)
Anyway I went into KoF because the game feels amazing to play, however I am not sure how to start. For one since 3 characters is a must is it better to practice 1 and get dragged down by the second and third character until familiarized enough to try a second, practice 3 characters first or something else? Is there a combo list I can find somewhere for Duo Long, King and Yuri?

Also are there people around the Netherlands (Europe) who are willing to have matches against someone like me and help out with my progress. (both steam version and xbox version available though I heard xbox online blows really really hard)

Lastly I’m also playing other fighting games, do they help me get the basics down on my lower level still or does it just mess me over? I heard on a competitive level it messes people up if they do this but is this the same on a lower level.

I’m new like u and i look the combos at the wiki
You have a detailed move list with good comments and a good amount of combos at the end clasified by drive and metter. There are a ton of combos for some characters.
I’m shaaw780 on steam if u want to practice some day (i m from europe too).

Brand new? Boy, here’s my 0.2 cents before someone who doesn’t contribute anything calls me dumb.

First, play it on Steam. Better netcode and easy button config. That’s the way to go.

Second, start with just one character and work your way around and try to find your niche. Easiest characters are the Shoto’s and EX characters… Maybe Vice and Goro make the list.

Third, practice, practice, practice. Don’t just practice combos and special moves and supers. Practice block strings, practice safe jumps, practice pressure, etc. Try and practice for multiple situations and always set the dummy to autoblock after being hit once.

Fourth, play dudes and take notes.


I kinda already got 3 chars and they’re not ex (not sure what shoto is), I just went with Duo Long, King and Yuri.

I’m doing this most of the time I’m on though school having started again means it the best start to practice all day.

Sorta doing this though the good people are too far above me to actually have a match.

I’m also completely new you can add me on steam if you want to play/practice sometime. I’m from belgium so that’s pretty close! I completely suck at this game though so don’t expect much.

On steam too and just begun playing the game so I suck ass. Details in signature.