Completely New Fighter(an infant you might say) Need help!

Hey all, I’m Hezron. I love video games and esports! I come from a PC gaming background emphasis on RTS, MOBA, and MMOs. I loved watching EVO this summer and just now decided to pick up a fighting game and get into it! Picked up Street Fighter x Tekken and am liking it I’m just so lost right now as to what exactly to do with my time playing. I’ve been watching First Attack on UltraChen’s youtube channel and looked at some beginner guides, there’s just so much information thrown at me all at once and none really said practically what I can do to practice right now to head towards a better game. Is there any like regiment I can start doing to help me just get a feel for the game, the flow, my characters, concepts and everything?? I know this is a big question feel free to hone in on one thing. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

try going into training and just get a feel for your character and their moves. once you know all of your characters moves, then you can get into more complicated things like combos and stuff. hope this helps.

You’re right, it is a very big question - but don’t worry about the details just yet. If you just started I would suggest focusing on basic execution [10 hadoukens 1 side, 10 hadoukens other side : repeat] and having a basic combo down. [starter strings LMH:H -> juggle should be fine]. Be aware of the mental aspect of things, but don’t worry if things seem unclear - most important thing right now: notice when you’re getting hit, notice when you’re hitting. As these things become clear you’ll be able to build them into more complicated goals.

Final note: don’t be afraid to lose. Everyone loses when they start and FGs are particularly esoteric [thanks for nothing tutorial mode, thanks for everything youtube!] just be aware and play.

Thanks Kami and Raas. Yea the info and terms and such make it feel like you said esoteric(tried to think of some sort of other word, but esoteric pretty much fits the bill perfectly), and so getting practical things that are boiled down to something that I can do like your practicing basic execution advice and realizing when i’m hitting and being hit are really nice as it will hopefully pave the way to understanding the ‘secret knowledge’(gnosticism??? :stuck_out_tongue: ) of fighting games.

This is the advice I give friends:

Don’t get emotional.

The easiest way to beat someone is when they start getting frustrated. Don’t worry about your win/loss %, don’t worry about losing 10 matches in a row; keep your head clear, and learn from each fight. Even if you lose 100 matches in a row, you’re getting better each time. Past matches don’t matter, all that matters is beating the person in front of you at that moment.

Practice, make friends who are better than you, learn from them. Buy a stick if you don’t have one already. Other than that, patience and hunger are your best allies.

Do NOT worry about the gnostic side of things. Someone can read and understand every acronym out there, and you can know none of them… it won’t matter when you beat them. Odds are as you practice the basic stuff, you will start inherently doing the things the community has given names to. That’s after all how they got those names to begin with. (I’m about 90% sure no one at CAPCOM said “okay, have we implemented plinking yet?”)

hey Hezron, I am in the same exact boat as you

if you play PSN

add Soulzityr and we can match sometimes, as practice, and share some info we learn.

My advice is to pick a character and stick with it. Or in the case of SFxTK, 2 characters. I’ve seen countless numbers of people pick up SSF4, enjoy it, only to end up hating it and taking it back. All this due completely to the fact that they couldn’t stop character hopping and lost very consistently. Sure it’s fine to learn multiple characters later on, but starting out find a character you like and dedicate to making them your absolute best. The reason for choosing them doesn’t even matter, as long as you like the character you’ll never hate trying to learn them, therefore exponentially decreasing the rage factor. For me the only reason I picked Juri is because she’s sexy/insane. Almost 2 years later shes been my main for 2 straight games and I still enjoy her play style. Bottom line here: If you consistently hop mains you will never get better and lose alot, making it so you don’t really enjoy the game. Avoid this at all costs

I’m in pretty much the same boat as you. I’m fairly new to FG’s and I would get bodied often. Best thing to do is just keep your cool and actually realize why you are getting bodied. In the beginning it all seems overwhelming. I know countless times I’m like “AH what the hell”. But I try my best to actually Identify my problems and try to work on those. Everyone learns at different speeds, you can’t expect to learn everything instantly. Just try your best and enjoy the game.

I’ve had this issue for a while. I wanted to pick up Ibuki/Xiaoyu but I’m told they are execution heavy and was recommended picking simpler characters and then use my two when I got the basics down. Unfortunately I get stuck with them and I can’t transition right. Thoughts?

Oh, SFxT? Jump a lot until you hit them with something, then do ABCC into DP, then jump some more.

Congratulations you are now as good as 70% of XBL.

If you are new to fighting games in general I would drop Ibuki/Xiaoyu for now, solely because they are somewhat complicated. Xiao has multiple stances, Ibuki’s target combos work alot different now because of the new chaining system. If you REALLY like them, stick with it and make them your bitches, but if it gets to be too much you may want to consider simpler characters. They are actually somewhat execution heavy.

Yeah, I think i just would as of now. I’ve been told to try using Juri/Asuka. I’ve experimented with Juri and I like what I see. She isn’t too hard to get to know.
and I usually prefer using female characters but I’ll just have to keep looking around and actually learn.

Asuka kind of strays from the norm of how the street fighters work so it’s weird to grasp at first, but then again she’s a Tekken character after all and that’s to be expected. Although I see your gamertag is in your sig so I’ll add you and show you the new ropes of Juri. She is a bit different from her SSF4AE counterpart.

Thanks, I really don’t have knowledge of AE but anything helps. Thanks for the help, I won’t be home until much later but I appreciate it.

Don’t underestimate blocking and ‘not’ pressing buttons :slight_smile: Patience really pays off in fighting games, even in SFxT…where it does seem everyone is mashing the crap out of buttons (crouching jab) and jumping everywhere

Timing anti-airs is crucial and jumping anti-airs is a bit more feasible in this iteration of the SF series than in previous ones (imo). Time those properly against the players jumping around everywhere like idiots and you’ll get free juggles all day

Actually a great expansion to that is: If you can jump cancel your anti-air, do it and continue the combo. Especially if you can do a ground bounce move after the jump. There does seem to be alot more people jumping in this game doesn’t there?