Complete. Global. Saturation: The Wesker thread

This thread is for discussion on Albert Wesker, who’s been confirmed for Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

Here’s his intro video:

Here’s his walkthrough video:

From what we see so far, he appears to possess a nice rush-down game, with the ability to mix Strider like teleports into his overall game, along with his Samurai’s Edge, which further adds to his potential versatility. Not sure if this’ll be usable on the ground, but if he can use it in the air, chances are it’ll be usable in ground.combat, too. Wesker also has shown good wall-bounce potential.

:l:= Light attack
:m:= Medium attack
:h:= Heavy attack
:s:= Exchange (or “Special” button)
:atk:= any two attack buttons (for Hypers)
:a1:=Assist 1
:a2:=Assist 2
DHC= Delayed Hyper Cancel
AD= Airdash

Assists: Ghost Butterfly, Samurai Edge (Down), and Jaguar Kick.

Wesker’s Samurai Edge assist is shown to be quite good so far. When it’s used for OTG effects, it lifts the opponent, allowing the point character to continue combos. Possibly his best assist.

Wesker’s Ghost Butterfly assist gives a wallbounce.

Wesker’s Jaguar Kick is a two hit kick that knocks the opponent down.

Some commands for Wesker. Thanks, Jolly and Kanta-Kun.

Cobra Strike: :qcf: :l:
Ghost Butterfly: :qcf: :m: (Wallbounce)
Jaguar Dash: :qcf: :h: (Follow Ups) Jaguar Kick: :h: + Cobra Strike :qcf: :l: (Must be performed after Jaguar Kick)
Phantom Move: :dp: :l: (Forward) :m: (Backward) :h: (Up-Forward and down when in the air) and doable in the air up to three times
Mustang Kick (Command grab): :qcb: :l: (Forces Tech-Roll) :m: (Hard Knockdown) :h: (Wallbounce)
Samurai Edge shot (forward) :f: + :h: (Follow-Up into Phantom Move) :atk:
Samurai Edge shot (OTG): :df: + :h:
Samurai Edge shot (air): :d: + :h: (while in the air)
Tiger Uppercut: :rdp: :l: (High Counter that leads to an auto-launch) :m: (Low Counter that leads to a wallbounce GhostButterfly) :h: (PROJECTILE COUNTER that leads into wallbounce Ghost Butterfly)

Phantom Dance: :qcf: :atk:+:atk:-Wesker uses his great speed to hit the enemy back and forth repeatedly, similar to Spider-Man’s Maximum Spider. You can combo into it in the air, as well as use it as a standalone Hyper in the air. It also has great cross-up ability.

Rhino Charge: :qcb: :atk:+:atk:-During this Hyper, Wesker gets into a stance where he positions his arm for an attack. If the enemy lands a melee attack on Wesker during this sequence, he unleashes a powerful thrust, which does exceptional damage to the opponent. This Hyper is effective against any melee attack and even shown to be effective against Cap’s Hyper Charging Star, which is a melee Hyper attack. Once this is landed, Wesker can continue his attack.

Lost in Nightmares: :dp: :atk:+:atk: -This is Wesker’s Level 3 Hyper. Wesker hits the opponent with various attacks from every direction incredibly fast, and finishes with a missile to the face of the opponent.

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