Competition Pro USB - for C64 fans

Back when I was young, Joysticks were a big part of my gaming life. For those of us who had a Commodore 64, you had to have a Competition Pro stick or else you were a nobody.

With that I mind, I have just seen this for sale on - a USB Competition Pro with a disc full of C64 games.

Needless to say I have ordered one :wink:

Not your regular stick, but a great piece of history brought kicking and screaming into the modern era.

C64 still is home to some of my favourite games of all time. The Last Ninja series, Commando, Chiller, Wizball, Ikari Warriors, Vendetta, Myth…so many good ones. The Last Ninja music is still as awesome as ever.

If I could get a full list of all the games on that disc I might be ordering one of those myself.

The C64 joystick king (imo) is the Quickshot II turbo. I think I’ve broken about 7 of these in my time.

Last Ninja was a cracking series of games… but my personal favourites were Thing on a Spring and The Sentinel.

I haven’t seen a quickshot 2 for ages, talk about blasts from the past eh?

Can’t wait to get my hands on the competition pro stick though… I hope it is still build as solidly as the originals, which used to last for ages.

Their site has more information but sadly you can’t quite make out the games list from the pack shot.

Thing on a spring was cool. Apart from having to load each screen. Bruce Lee was another cool game. The Dizzy series, Monty on the run, Cauldron…christ, I spend all day going over all the awesome games from my childhood.

I think I might just order one of these anyway, even if 5 of the 99 games are good it’d be worth it for the nostalgia factor alone.

A good list of the games it includes can be found on this site.

No Thing but Sentinel is there :wink:

Crikey, this new forum loves to double post me :frowning:

I still think when it comes to the C64 the TAC-2 is the undefeated king. That thing is virtually indestructible.

I’ve had one of these for about two years…it’s great, but the newest versions feature a bunch of new games. You can actually hack thee controller and add a disc drive and keyboard.

EDIT: OK, this is a different product. The one I have is a C64 in a stick which hooks up to your TV…that’s just a USB Competition Pro with Lemon64. You could use a REAL Competition Pro with Lemon64 and an adapter from, which might actually be better…