Competion gone?

I have gone to northline mall for about a year since it’s walking distance for nearly a year. It doesn’t have the best competition but every once in a while i find people who are alright, and it helps me get used to the joy stick… but every time i go there are no more people playing marvel vs. capcom 2, i used triple ahvb and mag tri jump… and i think that the less than average competition gave up on it. My friends are starting to stop practicing and it seems people are leaving and i think, is marvel vs. capcom 2 going to die. You guys have been here a long time, is it just that some people are leaving, which usually happens with games no matter what. Or is Marvel vs. capcom 2 on it’s last year ( which I hope it isn’t ) … it would be nice to know.

This game will eventually die like any other. A lot of the people from 2000 & 2001 don’t play anymore.

Plus, getting past the intermediate level is tougher now than ever for a n00b. Very demanding, and only a few would even bother at this point. :frowning:

The bright side is that mad people play(ed) this game, and you should be able to get a decent match virtually anywhere in the US for years to come. Plus, the game being available on PS2 and X-Box may reign in a few more to the player pool… :cool:

Nothing lasts forever. If it ends tomorrow, it was a damn good run.

Well put.

When will a online marvel vs. capcom 2 be released to everyone?

I think if it is released like that it may last for another year maybe more.

It will never happen. Too much latency issue the game wouldnt even be a game anymore. Try playing cvs2 online, the lag is horrendous.

Ya the game will die, it is already dieing because the fact is that America does not support video games.

America is so tight on things. You know there is a bill that is going to be passed where there is going to be warnings on FOOD? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. God adults are so dumb because they dont even know how to move a mouse on a computer. They dont understand anything that is new with the exception of some. I mean come on, like we need to be taught how to run our lives? Video game companies had to battle over a year to allow us to buy video games WITHOUT ID. Its getting to the point where we will need to have IDs for everything.

Everything that comes along always has to have some problems in a lot of people’s eyes. Video games, comic books, elvis, computers, card games, role playing games… the list can go on and on. When someone wants to have fun people always have to ruin it by making up bs because they dont like it. If only people would open their eyes and ears to ideas, then we would have a better world. But that will never happen because countless amount of people are extremely ignorant and wont budge for anything new.

Change is slow, but there is always change.

Well today i went to northline and played the computer and after a while people started to show up, people i haven’t seen in a long time and they got better, there may be hope for this game.

Dedicated scenes, no matter how small are all you need. If the players are always experimenting and learning then the game won’t get stagnant. If it’s a bunch of idiots then what can you do?

Marvel will never die, I feel sorry for the haters…

I think the game engine is too open ended for it to die out such as most past games did .

The correct answer.

Giving a character

different properties to moves

such as invincibility

or a huge hitbox

as well as different combo’s

alternate strategies…

That shit you only get with marvel, we’re not even talking about team dynamics and everything that comes from that,

No other game has had this much variety for altering your character.

Storm with cyc has invincibility(dp)

storm with sentinel has space control(fireballs)

storm with doom has blockstun, and space control(chipdamage safely)

you combine three characters and everything just expands on all that. Marvel is just fun:D

Ya but… My comp is basically gone… I can only play at movie theater… The arcades are too far away from me… No one plays and if they do they are usually noobs. The only time I can play is like 11:00 on when workers get off from there… NJ sux…

If you live in Houston, TX you need to go to Stargate. You might find some of your comp has relocated to there.

Houston has some of the best comp for MvC2, CvS2, and GGXX in all of Texas. Stop going to a random mall arcade and get your ass to StarGate.

If you have questions, direct them to the “Houston” Thread in Southwest Discussion.

It’s the people like you who help the game the most.

Wong winning another Evo doesn’t make people want to play (Well, it makes top people want one more shot at him, but it doesn’t really make the average joe want to play.)

It’s the guy who comes out of no where and suddenly starts winning big (Soo, Mixup) that makes people want to play. Suddenly, it’s like “Fuck, Mixup came out of no where, and he’s good all of a sudden. Maybe it’s not to late for me to step MY game up.”

And then the coast vs coast thing, sure some people take it WAY to seriously and actually hate other coasts, but it’s also the type of thing that motivates. It’s called pride. No one wants their coast to lose the 5 on 5, so people practice, try and get better so they can rep their coast.

And most importantly, something we’re losing fast, is the will to teach. We have a VERY small few who still post helpful strats, and I mean top players giving out their knowledge. It’s fucking tough, because we NEED this knowledge, and these people have it in spades, but they’re so tired of being hated on and having their strats picked apart for inconsistancies that they just don’t post.

When’s the last Row post you saw? Kuan’s? What about Duc? Valle? Viscant? Shadyk? Ghengis? Clock? Wong? Ricky? Sanford? X (Post a strat), Rick Mears?

Other than Dasrik, Mixup, and Stiltman… I don’t see them posting strats, or theories, or anything. Maybe they care care of it over AIM, or IRC (And I apologize, Shady, Clock, and Ghengis (I CAN’T SPELL IT!) have posted some strats recently, but not a lot (Cept Clock)), and mostly because they’re tired of being picked apart and having the people they’re trying to help just turn around and diss their knowledge. I dunno, but I heard SRK was awesome back when top players use to post strats… I’d like to see that kinda shit again. :slight_smile:

God knows I’m doing my part (Learning the game, theory fighting.)


PS: You’re doing your too, after all… you are playing. :slight_smile:

Nice post.

It’s nice when knowledgeable people try to help, but I understand perfectly if they don’t.


ANYONE can get good, learn patience and defensive options(learn to fucking block) and expanding from there. Top player in 6 months lol

I post strats.

But I’m not a top player.

Bastards. :frowning:

P.S. It’s spelled Genghis.

Fighters don’t have to “die” people still play joust and galaga, but it might not be as big as it once was.

Alot of these newer SF’ers don’t want to or refuse to play Marvel because it’s “to fast” and “no mindgames” and “no footsies”, which are less excuses and more “It looks to over my head so I’m not gonna fool with it because I’ll get beat in it”

The new gamer generation is “losing = bad = no play”, sadly, they don’t want to play something they have to learn. And lets face it, Marvel LOOKS like the hardest one to learn.

All we can do is keep doing our part to inform and teach and be nice instead of ALOT of marvel players (Saying “FUCK YOU SCRUB GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE” to a random kid at the mall trying to kill some time doesn’t make you cool or good at marvel.).

wow, talk about bringing back an old thread :slight_smile:

Actually , I agree with you ParryPerson. New gamers are not willing to put in the time to learn the game. They think that htey are too far behind to pick it up. The reality is though, that Marvel can be learned relatively quick.

If a new players has access to it at home, then thats good enough before they can get out and get some good comp. I have seen plenty of people pick up marvel recently, and they learn the game fast. A few of the characters are “newb” friendly, and are relativley easy to learn (Storm/Sent/Cable with Cap assist anyone?).

Once the fundamentals are learned, then understanding advanced tactics will come quick.

To get back on topic though, i doubt that marvel will die. Mixup provided a good insight as to why. The game is deep, and the competitivness will always be there.

As far as the statment above that mentioned that players from 2k/2k1 don’t play anymore is not directly becuase non interest in the game. We are getting older, and have moved on to full time jobs/school, so time to get out is practically limited.

If you look at the events, FF and James Games Tourneys on the West Coast are starting to have tournies that are starting around 8-9pm! Trying to accomodate most of the people with jobs :slight_smile:

a marvel player is like a martial artist.

day in and day out, you go, train, and become better than what you are.

at times you think " whats the point, will it last this way forever"

there will be times when it seems pointless, and that you find noone to challenge you.

but as history continues to repeat itself, you find a new rival after time passes.

time is the key, let time flow, and the past will return, the comp will comeback, and it will be stronger than ever.


or you know.

We, the marvel players, could DO something about it.

But uh, I guess waiting around for it to get big again sounds like a. …

well it’s an idea.