Comparing mvc chars to their ssb counterparts


felic…jiggly p or sonic
toon link…v joe
rockt r…fox
ir. fist…capt
h. eye…pit


Hulk and Haggar = Bowser & Donkey Kong

Hmmm… I’ll try and compare it by tools and how close their gameplans are.

Dante - Marth melee
Magneto - Falco melee
Viper - Fox melee
Wolverine - Captain Falcon melee
Zero - MetaKnight Brawl

Ok this is already taking to much work. I could be using this time to practice so I’m done lol.

Lol, Zero isn’t as broke as Meta-Knight is and I wish people would stop comparing them. Both have the ability to 1 touch death…but Zero dies when you touch him, and MK lives way longer than he should with that momentum cancel tech. Not to mention Meta-Knight shuts down every character in Brawl and has only 2 or 3 50/50 matchups. Considering Zero has 1 or 2 bad matchups, and goes 50/50 with a fair amount of characters while only really shutting down 40% of the cast as opposed to MK’s 90%, I don’t think comparing them is justified.

Zero - Diddy Kong Brawl
Dante - Marth brawl
Wasker - Falco brawl
Doom - King Dedede brawl
Iron Fist - Captain Falcon brawl

That’s all i’m bothering with for now.

I compared them in terms of tools and play style. Zero and Metaknight have a lot of the same shit going for them. No shit Zero isn’t as good as MK lol.

Doom - Falco cause he has SHL lol.

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