COMMY's sick IM unfly combo!

Yea, had to grab your attention. This combo actually isn’t mine, TNPR sent me this combo, and i ttook me a while to get down, but very similar to Sent stuff. Enjoy

thanks commy a lot for the vid


launcher, sj short u+fierce, fly short strong f+fierce, unfly f+fierce,
dash d/f short short u+hp, fly short strong f+fierce, unfly f+fierce,
dash d/f short short u+hp, fly short strongf+fierce, unfly f+fierce,
dash d/f short short u+hp then start INFINITE with

jab strong short u+fierce

hot shit.

thanks :smiley:

Good stuff. Thanks for typing the transcript, TNPR. I thought I was going to watch the vid ten or so times to write it all out.

Must try and do that shit!!!

Hot Shit Commy

no problem tca ill be glad of service…

people soon it will be midscreen to corner to ground inf soon commy will host that vid for me later all and thanks for the support

yea, lucky you get to look at it first then do it. when TNPR told me f.fierce, unfly f.fierce, air dash df short short, i was like, er… but yea, seeing it, you see when and where you should air dash and stuff, but now, hehe, gotta hit it in game =D

dope ass vid

can you tell me why i cant move after i do the unfly it just drop me to the ground plz tell me what im doin wrong after i unfly

Fucking sick. Keep up the good shit commy and…friends. :stuck_out_tongue:

um, do you know what unfly mode is? you need to land on your feet after a hit or be thrown and land on your feet to get unfly mode. after that, when you unfly you can do stuff…

good luck

Thanks man, but yea, TNPR, scary stuff he thinks of

koo i can do da combo now

all to easy ! if you know how to do the og air infinite that one is easy as well .:slight_smile:

well dont get me wrong its a nasty combo an am sure i can do it.:smiley:

Tight ass combo. Commy cany you help me with it though. I can do the launch, lk, up+hp (fly), lk,mp,forward+hp(unfly), dash hp
Now i can seem to get the (unflu) hp to connect. Sometimes i am too far away, and sometimes i dont unfly fast enough. Any suggestions?

fly short strong f+fierce, unfly f+fierce,
dash d/f short short u+h

There’s no dash HP. What you wanna do is the fly lk, mp, forward HP, unfly, forward HP, then dash df short short up HP

hope that helps… if not, lemme know

Ohhhhh… i feel like such a retard. After the f+hp(unfly) I would dash hp,lk,lk, f+hp. So you lk,mp,f+hp(Unfly)f+hp(dash), lk,lk. Ok thanks, i will try it in a little bit.
btw- should i try to be real close to the person, or can i be alittle bit away during the combo?

Well, first off, yea, its is TNPR’s combo, but like, personally when I do the combo, it’s in the corner, so yea, you should try to stay close, the hardest part bout this combo in my opinion are two things. the short med, fierce, is fine, but you gotta realize that the opp has to be at your level or slightly above, so when you unfly and fierce quickly, you hit them, rather than them being lower than you and you whiffing. Secondly, I dunno if you have experience with sent unfly combos… but with those, when you short, fast fly, short, fierce, UNFLY SHORT. you don’t unfly short as fast as possible. if you did, you’d unfly short and hit their body, where personally, when i unfly short, i go for their head, so they’re at a good height. same thing applies with this combo, after the unfly fierce, you could dash short short right away, but sometimes i do it too fast, and myfirst short hits their body, second one hits their like knees, which puts them in a weird position. I like to pause, just slightly, so when i do airdash short short, i hit the guys head then chest, to put them at a good position. hope that helped…

i feel like suck a retard because i blow @ unfly combos

oh and commy and tnpr are both sick :stuck_out_tongue:

psycho flame: its easy trust me when you get the hang it youll master it of course

commy: i have been trying to im u on aim about the other stuff that i told u the impossible one and the unfly/dash combo any news about it???

please let me know…i got some other good im stuff in my mind though later