Community: The Thread

…for the NBC show.

Does nobody else watch this show? It’s pretty fucking great. Literally the best sitcom on TV right now, though I hear good things about Modern Family.


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It takes a little while to get used to the characters, but I think SRK would enjoy this show. A lot.

Awesome show. Too bad it might get the cut after this season due to Outsourced (terrible terrible show) getting more viewers.

At first glance, I thought the thread said “Communist: The Thread.”

One of the best shows on television, currently.

wait how is outsourced getting more views?! damn im hyped everytime its on. i saw an article that said it was saved by the bell in the future.

You know, I’ve been wondering how long the show would be on for quite some time, given that it’s very different from your standard (shitty) sitcoms, or the newer Office/Parks & Rec type. I decided I’d rather it only stay on for only 3 or so seasons and them all be good, as opposed to having the show stay on the air for 8 of them and have a few mediocre ones and one shitty one.

I would bet that it gets picked up next season, but if the next season is the last one, I’d be happy to see the show go out on a good note.

Hector the Well Endowed.

And jesus christ, people watch outsourced? Who is watching it? WHO!?!?!

indian people i imagine, its like the first show to have a predominant indian cast right?

I love Community. Like Parks and Rec, it took a season to hit it’s stride and find it’s niche, but it has definitely blossomed into one of the best comedies on TV.

lol i love how both these shows managed to get my fave comedians on one network. im still trying to figure out how comedy central hasnt gotten into the sitcom game seriously…and not these farce’s of shows they usually got. they discover the talents of these people far before network tv does.

i agree with maxx, chevy is on fire in this show and derrickcomedy’s golden negro is good too. the whole cast in general is perfect.

definitely would bone annie

annie would def get it…in her ghetto ass pink apartment where my lil ponie’s souls are lost.

Pssft, no. The first season was great.

All the critics say “the first episodes weren’t that good” and are wrong.

Debate episode is lolz. Football episode is lolz. Spanish assignment episode was lolz. It took like 5 episodes for it to get really funny. Basically after they introduced everyone and had their little episodes.

Now the show is really funny in a different way every week. Which is pretty crazy.

It’s like the only real sitcom out there.

annie would def get it…in her ghetto ass pink apartment where my lil ponie’s souls are lost.

also i mean…they did a d&d episode so a kid wouldnt commit suicide lol…how can you not love that!?

Outsourced is getting a lot of views? They have a lot of talent but the writers are letting them drop. Its a good show with a lot of potential; hopefully it gets tapped.

Although outside of people who have worked in call centers or anthropologists, no idea who would get a true kick out of that show. My girlfriend likes the cast in general, a lot of the jokes are very cute, a lot of the storylines present some serious shit in underhanded ways as if they are trying to sneak in the seriousness into dumb audiences.

Pars and Rec is too fierce. It is closer to being a spiritual successor to Arrested Development than a spin off of The Office. I’m wondering how when that second season of Louie is gonna hit; that show is gold.

i dont think louie is coming back…i remember the second part of the season was on a new network of some kind.

edit: scratch that apparently they started filming a new season…so best guess spring/summer 11

The problem is that NBC is willing to cut Community for more episodes of Outsourced. Factor in the new owners and Community is on a very tight leash with network executives.

I am not against Community going five solid seasons. You can always go out on top like Arrested Development, forever funny.

I didn’t say it wasn’t funny, just that it really hit it stride in season 2. It really developed it’s own personality by season 2.

And yes, Parks and Rec is absolutely the most amazing cast for a network sitcom. Especially with the addition of Adam Scott and Rob Lowe. While it wasn’t worth canceling Party Down over, I love the addition of Adam Scott.

Chang as “Dark Elf” was the shit! Plus, the “We Want Drugs” from school kids was to good.

The series is amazing, I love the “Modern Warfare Paint-ball” episode.

Jeff and Troy are my favorite characters.

Yes, Chevy Chase is such an ass hahaha.

i loved chevy in the d&d episode…he just sat there for like 20 min and studied the fuck out of the book. i respect his evil swagga.