Common online shenanigans?

I’m not really sure what subforum to put this in, but since what I’m trying to do is directed for players who play online, I’d put it where they usually ask stuff. If this is considered in the wrong place then please move it.

Anyway, what I’d like to know is what kind of “cheap” strategies (stuff that players do online that is a newb killer but good players know how to deal with) comes to people’s mind when playing online in Ultra Street Fighter IV? I’ve played online on XBL and PC for quite a while and I’ve ran into stuff like this quite a bit, so I’d like to make a guide to help other players when they encounter stuff like this.

Here’s what I know of so far:
[] Mashing DP/command grab/Ultras (during combos, blockstrings, etc)
] Jumping around like a maniac
[*] Repeatedly spammed moves (Blanka ball, Honda headbutt, Rolento roll)

If there is anything else not listed, please feel free to comment it.

Those are shenanigans? sounds like typical SF4 play to me…

That guide was created already. Here is the link:

DP after things that are marginally punishable, like dudley machine gun blow. I hate that shit personally because I can punish it 100% offline, but online I screw it up constantly.

WIth T. Hawk—

SPD on their wakeup.
Condor Dive (?) everything they do. Throw out a normal? Condor Dive. Fireball? Condor Dive. Walk back? Condor Dive. Wake up sweep? Instant EX Condor Dive.

Works 90% of the time.

Not sure if that was sarcastic or not, but I think I didn’t word it correctly.

I was looking for the tactics that people commonly use online that would destroy new players online, but against a decent player would be stomped out quickly. Pretty much like what Epi said.

Thanks for this, I’ll pass this onto my friend.

wake up ultra
empty jump ultra
picking cammy
doing wake up ultra with cammy
doing empty jump ultra with cammy
picking seth
doing wake up ultra with seth
doing empty jump ultra with seth
here are some things that are classified as "Cheating"
Blocking too much, Having a good offense, Anti airing, Wiff punishing, Throwing 2 or more fireballs consecutively

Gamestop controller option selects

Seriously, Cammy won my heart when she attempted to rescue the Dolls. I read on the internets that she was supposedly ‘destroyed’ in the Ultra Update, and I thought there would be less hard feelings towards her.

YES! I’ve been called out for blocking and anti airing and wiff punishing before, double perfected a guy and the saltmail i got was glorious xD

The best videos I’ve ever watched. Extremely helpful.