Command Throws vs Regular Throws

Hey guys,

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge or if this is a newbie question to ask but none the less I’m unsure.

Do command throws beat normal throws? Or can one tech a command throw with a normal throw?

If the command grab is too slow, then yes it can get thrown out of if it’s like up close. They don’t have any particularly special properties/priority to them, unless it’s like Hyper Bomb or something(Gigas can get thrown out of, surprisingly). Certain grabs like Karakusa and Hugo’s Meat Squasher can get teched by normal throws, but not by other command grabs.

Thanks a lot my friend. So its safe to assume that my (yangs) command grab can be normally teched.

no yun and yang command grab can’t be teched

command grabs can tech regular throws, regular throws will never tech a command grab



This is correct.

ok sorry bros but aku is right, karakusa and meat squasher can be teched with regular throw

A tech occurs when both are done at the same time but in fact karakusa techs regular throws, not the other way around. Ken I taught me that waaaaay early into my 3s career.

I’ve heard that karakusa techs command grabs and not the other way around as well. But either way, a tech will occur.

Interesting topic. I have not seen a normal throw or a zenpu tenshin tech/beat the giga, though. I think this particular special grab has priority over the other throws.
Btw, if you smell the karakusa coming, you can simply jump/ dash back during wake up animation.

  • I’ve seen Gigas get beat by normal throws. I’ve beaten it before, and I’ve had my Gigas beaten before.
  • Say hello to st.MP, cr.MK, LP, st.HP, cr.HK, EX Tsurugi and EX Oroshi for me…just for starters.

90% sure there is no specific anything. If your throw has active frame/s during the gigas startup and you’re in range, you will get the throw.

If you can sniff out a karakusa then uh…the makoto you’re playing is awful.
Backdash is an awful answer which will almost certainly be free damage for makoto. There’s a reason you will almost NEVER see backdash against a good makoto. Jump is a much better choice even though it also sucks. Not to mention most of the time you’re not waking up after hayate since rarely will it be an ex hayate. Every option sucks and it’s really quite specific; giving advice to backdash out and not mention everything else isn’t good.

… I’d bet gigas cannot be thrown

Its most likely caused by the Hugo player doing gigas to early after tick or “meaty” on wakeup. In fact every time I had/seen that happen its always occurred post knockdown or after a + frame tick.

As for back dashing out of a “meaty” Karakusa that is character specific

Plus, giga has better range than many normal throws. Dash back or Jump back and escape from karakusa on wake up work with shotos and twins, to my knowledge.

Check 6:06, yun jumps and escapes karakusa.

If makoto is ticking before the karakusa on wake up, it won’t work.

But gigas can be thrown…You just said so yourself. Obviously you can’t throw a gigas on startup because it’s like 1 frame. It’s purely luck that gigas is thrown but it can be thrown, there are no magical properties at work that I have seen.

I’m pretty positive gigas has better range than every normal throw and most likely range equivalent to some of the best kara throws.

I’ve seen Oro’s command grab getting teched by normal throws more than once.
Yun, Yang’s CG and Gouki’s air throw can’t be teched as far as I know.

Don’t forget about super-jump cancelled command throws, like Q’s (maybe Alex’s?).
They should beat out regular throws.

That’s true of any special that you sjc.